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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Panoramic wheel with diameter 18m in the building (center mark 102,5m) in Batumi, Georgia

Title – “Panoramic wheel with a diameter of 18m in the building (center mark 102,5m) in Batumi, Georgia”

  1. Start and finish of work December 2011 – March 2012.
  2. Customer – “Sarmat” LLC
  3. Main stages:
  • Familiarization with the terms of reference. Analysis of baseline data design panoramic wheel.
  • Familiarization with the existing normative documentation which acts in the territory of Georgia and relates directly to the wheels of the review.
  • Determination of geometric rational decisions to lattice beams of panoramic wheel.
  • Collection of fixed and variable (mounting, the weight of passengers, thermal, kinematics and wind) loads.
  • Creating of static rod model definition foot formalization
  • Analysis of calculation is determining the worst RCC, selection of materials and cross sections, standardization, testing according to limit states and determining nodes efforts to construct.
  • Preliminary design of nodes.
  • Familiarization with the results of “Final report wind-induced structural responses» blower from February 10, 2012 and including these data during calculation.
  • A settlement construction ferris wheel and its main units
  • Analysis of the results of calculations. Conclusions and recommendations.
  • Making up the results of calculations.
  • Preparation of scientific and technical report and approved by the Academic Council of the Institute
  1. Results

The geometric scheme supports and embedded parts under the support wheels in the building.

It was defined sections of amusement elements, and its theoretical mass equal to 19.94t, without weight capsules.

It was defined own frequency of amusement and found that the most crucial of them do not exceed the limits as inertial forces can be ignored because the resonance phenomenon unlikely.

It was designated reaction in the bearings that are transmitted to the building.

It was completed construction of static main units of the panoramic wheel.

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