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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Developing of regulations to implement certain types of construction and installation work

    SE “RIBP” develops technical regulations for complex concrete buildings and massive structures.

In regulations we develop the following stages:

  • Requirements for concrete and concrete mix;
  • Requirements for technical support, equipment, equipment and construction site;
  • Requirements for preparation work;
  • Rational scheme of concrete;
  • Requirements for the care of prepared concrete;
  • Requirements for monitoring of concrete during its solidification;
  • Requirements for quality of work performance;
  • Requirements for technical security.

Development of concrete regulations governed by the regulations:

  1. SBC A.3.1-5-96 Organization of building production;
  2. ISO B V.2.7-96-2000 Concrete mix. Technical conditions.
  3. SBC V.2.6-98: 2009 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. General states;
  4. SBC A.3.2-2009 SSWS Protection of labor and industrial safety in construction.

SE “RIBP” performed the following works to develop regulations to implement concrete structures:

  1. The development of stages of the project works with reinforced concrete part of arches of the bridge over Dnipro river. Podil bridge passage (Regulation of concrete pillar reinforced concrete arch height 15 m), 2007
  2. Development of production schedules concrete grillage structures in the Cathedral. Kiev Railway on Highway 3, 2010
  3. Development of regulations in repairing bored piles under the pier on retaining walls SS-4 and SS-5 at the NSC Olimpiyskiy, 2010
  4. Regulation of concreting slab span construction of transport interchange at the Moscow square, Kyiv, 2010.
  5. Regulation to the implementation of monolithic concrete structures of biological protection of unit linear accelerator and brachytherapy procedure for construction Radiological Institute at the National Cancer Institute in Golosiyivsky district. Kyiv, Lomonosova 33/34street, 2013

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