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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

‘Podillia’ Private corporation food company

Name of work – survey of the technical condition and certification of building constructions of bulk storage of granulated sugar at the sugar factory of  ‘Podillia’ Private Corporation Food Company.

Customer – ‘Podillia’ Private Corporation Food Company.

Date of commencement and completion: September 2015 – December 2015

Main stages:

  • Development of technical assignment;
  • Survey of 3 reinforced concrete cylindrical- shaped silos, reinforced concrete elevator tower; head house gallery;
  • Calculations of bearing capacity of beams and columns of under house floor;
  • Determining the technical condition of buildings;
  • Determination of passport facilities.
  1. In the result of the inspection of building damage it was fixed silos, beams and columns of under house floor, cavity concrete, shrinkage cracks, abuse concrete cover cracks in areas joining beams and columns.

    The calculations of bearing capacity of columns and beams under house floor during filling silos at full height and with full filling them to the level of the manhole. Defined category of silos technical condition and the cause of the damage.

    Identified elevator tower structures damages (becoming soaked walls and floors, painting and corrosion abuse beams and corrugated metal ceilings, damaged layers of waterproofing coatings and vidmostky), and defines a category of its technical condition.

    Identified damages of head house gallery (becoming soaked walls and cover the cracks of walls and slabs, roof damage waterproofing layers, blind areas etc.), and defines a category of its technical condition.

    Developed measures which should be carried out to restore construction and normal exploitation of constructions.

    It was done passport of facilities.

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