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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Hotel complex, Kyiv, Luteranska 14-B street

Title – Scientific and technical support of the construction of a hotel complex with underground parking, Luteranska 14 street, Pechersk district. Kyiv.


Date of commencement and completion: June 2012 – May 2013

Main stages:

  • Development of the program of work on scientific and technological support for the construction of a hotel complex;
  • Scientific and technical support during the construction of interlocking fencing, installation of Fences excavation of piles which intersecting (“wall in soil”),
  • Placing the pit, piles and grillage field;
  • Performance of analysis of deformation of surrounding buildings.

In the result of work it was performed the following works:

  • Duplicate payments of interlocking protections sustainability;
  • Scientific support of technology arrangement of interlocking fencing – sampling design and process parameters fences;
  • Scientific support of fences pit placement – sampling of technology arrangement “wall in soil” and random testing of geometric parameters of reinforcing carcasses;
  • Scientific support arrangement of pit – control of tiered pit development with the establishment of spacer elements; random control of concrete “wall in soil” via non-destructive methods; fixing defects and develop of proposals to eliminate defects in concrete;
  • Scientific support arrangement of grillage and piles field – random control technology of arranging piles and grillage, fixing defects and develop proposals to eliminate defects in concrete, concrete via non-destructive sampling method.

According to result of performed work it was compiled monthly reports.

It was done monthly analysis of deformation (deviation from vertical walls and foundation subsidence) houses of surrounding buildings, according to data obtained by the automated system SolData.

Workers of SE “RIBP” participated in weekly meetings at the construction site, which provided suggestions for resolving problems that arise at the construction.

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