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Technical audit of plots for development

In foreign companies, which include investment in Ukraine in case of purchase of land, including plots for development, it has developed the practice of legal and technical audit accounting to the relevant land. Although officially this requirement is not a compulsory requirement for making foreign investments, but the internal politics of most of these companies practicing a certain order of entry in a particular project area, including the compulsory implementation of the technical audit of plots for development.

Technical audit of plots for development (both built-up and free area), the implementation of which sector of construction, property valuation and property rights of the State Enterprise “Scientific – Research Institute of building production” of rights (hereinafter – Sector of SE “RIBP”) launched in November 2007 (involving other scientific departments of the Institute) is held in Ukraine that the buyer had a clear idea regarding land, which he buys.

Research and work of technical audit of plots for development (both built-up and free area) usually involves the identification of all potential risks that can– lead to the recognition of the sale of land plots invalid and substantially affect the value object ‘ the object of sale or detect violations of the law Ukraine owner of the object. It provides company protection, investor from additional unforeseen costs in the future.

Implementation of the technical audit of plots held for development, is performed taking into account the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of land relations according to the Land Code of Ukraine (amended as of 02.06.2015 number 497-VIII) and on planning and building areas, including laws of Ukraine “On the Fundamentals of Urban Development” (2780-12), “On regulation of urban development” (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 2011, N 34, as amended), “On architectural activity” (Supreme Council of Ukraine VVR, 1999, N 31 as amended); existing state building codes, including DBN 360-92 ** “Urban Planning. Planning of Cities and Villages “(+ Change number 5), DBN V.2.2-9-2009″ Public buildings and facilities. Substantive provisions”; Sanitary norms and rules “Planning and development of settlements” (SanPiN, approved by MOH Ukraine 19.06.96 number 173) and other regulatory documents.

The purpose of the technical audit is to determine whether the placement of the object of urban development on land that is inspected with requirements of operating in Ukraine normative acts in the sphere of land relations and urban planning, identification of opportunities and the value of the connection object to the city’s urban development utilities, transport infrastructure description in the area of land, and collect information on potential or existing encumbrances and / or limitations studied land.

Conduction of technical audit starts with analytic processing of provided by you documents and information (including documents of title) to land for construction, including:

  • A local authority (city, district) allocation (withdrawal) about separation of land;
  • Urban plan of plot (MPZU);
  • Plan about separation of land (cadastral map of land);
  • Act of land and track choice / report on the results of the auction;
  • The act of routes choosing (for networking sites out of building site);

And another documents.

According to analysis of title documentation it is determined by the presence and duration of title documents of the land for development. Also we add a list of documents that are missing.

The next stage of the audit is a verification of compliance with the investigated area requirements of existing normative legal acts of Ukraine and local building rules about location the object of urban development, including commercial real estate; identification of possible urban conditions and restrictions of building land and infrastructure, environmental, sanitary protection restrictions / charges.

The necessary stage is mandatory audit stage of technical specialists of SE “RIBP” geotechnical survey / study results or previously conducted geological surveys on the current date. According to results of this stage we provide you with conclusions of conformity bearing capacity of bedding at the test site soils settlement constructive load building, designed and geotechnical constraint on site.

One of the most important stages of the technical audit of plots for development is the study of conditions connected to municipal utilities, in which it is held engineering and geodetic survey / or examine the results of earlier (at current date) geodetic surveys, in particular the engineering infrastructure in the area construction and analysis of engineering construction. Implementation of this phase begins with the collection of information about existing electric utility organizations and set tariffs for connection to power supply networks, heat, water, sewage and identify possible points of connection. According to results of this analysis it is formed Information on the possible connection points to the city utilities (indicating the owner of the network) and possible limitations during connecting to these utilities. At the same time it is studied the necessity, benefits and costs of removal inter networks, the dismantling of buildings, structures and green spaces, existing in the research plot.

During the audit of plots for development it is carried out analysis of land transport accessibility of checking land and features of adjacency to the city’s transport infrastructure, necessity of additional access roads (arrivals and departures) in the area.

At the final stage according to results of the above stages of work of the technical audit, in particular on the basis of study and analysis of the documents and information, the results of geological and geodetic survey study of land it will be given “The conclusion in the form of preliminary consultations on the construction of concrete about the object of urban development on land with pointed address “in the form of a report, to which documented all the results of work on the technical audit are added. The term to prepare conclusion consists of 25-30 days from the date of rendering to performers of SE “RIBP” of all available in the customer documentation for technical audit of the facility.

Ordering research and technical audit of works on site (as built and the free development) in our institute, you can get a comprehensive assessment of land which should be researched that includes identifying all related to its acquisition of potential risks that could significantly adversely affect the value of the object of sale, or to identify violations of the law Ukraine owner of the land. It will ensure the successful implementation of your investment project and protection of your company and your investor from additional unforeseen costs during investing.

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