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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Regulations of construction works quality control

Work title – Development of documents for quality control of construction works

The start and end dates for February – December 2015

Customer – LLC “Ukrbud”

Main stages:

  • Development of a common system of quality control of construction works;
  • Formation of criteria for assessing the quality of specific works and their results, etc.;
  • Development of provisions on the input quality control of materials, products and structures;
  • Development of provisions on operational quality control, perform specific types of work
  • Development of provisions from the receiving quality control perform specific types of work
  • Development of algorithms, mechanisms, and control schemes
  • The formation of the list and composition of the as-built documentation, order management

Results: as a result of the work it was developed regulations of quality control work on the device (the device of bored piles, monolithic structures, roof, facade insulation, etc.) subject to the requirements of standards and construction norms.

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