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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Engineering and geodetic survey for construction projects of various purposes

     Engineering and geodetic survey for construction is the kind of urban development that provides learning and provides information on man-triggered and natural conditions of the territory of construction and architecture required to design and safe operation of construction and architecture, territory planning, engineering protection areas, creating urban cadastre, geodetic surveying of building.

Engineering and geodetic survey for construction is carried out for:

– Ensuring of territorial planning;

– Development of conceptual design, technical and economical rationale;

– Development of the project documentation;

– Development of the working documentation;

– The adoption into exploitation of the completed construction projects;

– Exploitation of the facility.

The service is regulated by:

  • SBC V.1.3-2: 2010 “Geodetic works in construction”
  • SBC A.2.1-1: 2014 “Engineering survey for construction”

The service includes the following steps:

  • Collection and systematization of archival cartographic materials, materials, land management, data of state geodetic boundaries;
  • Establishment (renewal) supporting and survey geodetic networks for the construction and operation of buildings, geodetic monitoring;
  • Creation of engineering and topographic plans with precision scale of 1: 1000, 1: 500, 1: 200 and more precise;
  • Geodetic and alignment works of monitoring of buildings during the construction of the facility;
  • Making up engineering digital terrain model (ITSMM);
  • Geodesic software of engineering and geological surveys.
  • Geodetic support of construction works is performed by means of special attorneys geodetic instruments – levels, tachometer or theodolites.

The list of work performed by this service unit:

  1. Engineering and geodetic survey (topographic removal of 1: 500) with a contour interval of 0.5 m land with area of 23 hectares for the construction of “Gorenichi.” State Olympic training center.
  2. Engineering and geodetic survey (topographic removal of 1: 500) with a contour interval of 0.5 m on Batyyeva Hora slopes on the corner of Locomotyvna and Krasnodonska, Radisna and Providnytska streets, Solomyansky district, Kyiv, for development of  anti protective structures project.

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