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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Geodetic support of building and construction works

Aim (or target) of this service

Geodetic building and construction works is a set of organizational, technological, technical and other measures which aim is ensuring compliance of geometric parameters of construction and design requirements of regulatory documentation. The works which are executed via geodetic methods, geodetic instruments and tools to determine the spatial position of the buildings (structures); determine the shapes and sizes of objects; obtaining geometric, analytic and digital models of spatial objects; measurement, identification, monitoring and modeling spatial position of objects up complex geodetic works.

Who and in what cases needs this service

Geodetic works are an integral part of the process of construction, and have a direct attitude to the main types of work.

Geodetic works are performed on a contract basis of geodetic enterprises or services of other organizations that have the appropriate permits to the right to execute geodetic works.

What normative documents regulate it?

  • SBCV.1.3-2: 2010 “Geodetic works in construction”
  • SBC A.2.1-1: 2014 “Engineering survey for construction”

Steps (if there are any) and terms of these stages.

creating an internal and external geodetic an alignment network construction;

Marking of linear structures or parts of their parts, temporary buildings (structures) and the area of the construction site, except highways;

creating an alignment network for installation of process equipment;

geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parameters of buildings (structures), their elements and foundation engineering equipment and enforcement of removal of drafting executive geodetic documentation;

geodetic measurements of foundations deformation (monitoring), foundations of buildings (structures) of their parts.

Geodetic support of construction works is performed by means of special certified geodetic instruments – levels, tachometer or theodolites.

The list of performed work according to this service unit (to 5 units).

  • Geodetic support of during construction process of six 34-storey buildings, erected in Troyeshchyna residential area, Kiev.
  • Geodesic ensure of the performance of construction works during reconstruction of “Olympiysky” NSK, Kiev.

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