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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Geodesic monitoring of technical buildings and structures condition

  1. The essence (and goal) of the service

Geodesic monitoring is a complex of geodetic works and systematic observations of the dynamics of deformation during the construction and operation of buildings.

The purpose of geodetic monitoring in the case of buildings and structures deformations is to obtain data characterizing the absolute values of subsidence and displacement, and to establish indicators of change over time.

  1. Who and in what cases this service is needed.

During construction process it is geodetic object monitoring in building IV, V category, for real values of strain, comparison of the data with the calculated and the maximum permissible values.

During the operation it is geodetic monitoring of the construction V, V category in the first 2 years of operation. Buildings and constructions which situated near building site to prevent the devastating impact of the new building and making decision to address the existing strains.

  1. By what normative documents it is regulated.

SBC V.1.3-2: 2010 “Geodetic works in construction process” Section 8.

SBC V.1.2-12: 2008 “Building in the condition of compacted construction. Safety requirements» Section 8

SBC V.1.2-5: 2007 Scientific and technical support of construction projects. Addition H

  1. Stages (if they are) and timing of these stages.

The composition of geodetic work in measuring landslides, subsidence and deformation is as follows:

  • Development of methods and determination of the measurement period of landslides, subsidence and deformation;
  • Development of schemes, methods and application programs supporting horizontal and vertical networks;
  • Development of geodesic signs constructions;
  • Development of the periods and verification methods of provisions core network signs;
  • Establishment signs;
  • Measurement of creating the core network (triangulation, polygonometry, leveling);
  • Measurement of the horizontal and vertical displacement, roll quantities and transport facilities, cracks and measuring their size.

Measuring strain buildings are systematic, their frequency take place every 1month. The frequency may vary depending on the stages of construction.

  1. Necessary equipment.

During measurements of strain with high accuracy it is used precision carefully scrutinized H-05type levels, bar volte-faces or special sized racks and precision ZT2 type theodolites and equally precise total stations, which allow to perform measurements with an accuracy of 5 “

  1. The list of work performed via this service unit (5 elements).
  • Long term planning and monitoring of geodetic altitude and deviation position from vertical concrete poles of the second tier, retaining walls adjacent building of the “Olympic” National Sports Complex (work performed during the entire reconstruction 2008-2012).
  • Construction of a dwelling house with built-adjacent office space and underground parking on the Shulyavska street, 32 in the Shevchenko district. Kyiv – a complex geodetic monitoring of sediments adjacent to the construction site for building, Tbilisi Avenue, 3A and newly built house deformation on Shulyavska street, 32. (Work is being carried out throughout the construction period 2014-2016 years)
  • Implementation of geodetic and engineering work on building of II-nd class clinical hospital №7 and residential building№4 on the M. Drahomyrova street., which is adjacent to the building Construction of a residential house (affordable housing) for employees of medical institutions of communal property Kyiv on the Pidvysotskogo street., 4 in the Pechersk district, Kyiv “project (work is being carried out throughout the construction period 2014-2016 years)

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