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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Combined heat-3 (Minsk)

Development of project works to strengthen the foundations of turbine unit PT-60-130 / 13 in. Branch №5 “Minsk CHP-3”

Customer – JSC “LvivORGRES”

Purpose is to carry out works on the project of strengthening the foundation turbine unit PT-60-130 / 13 in. Branch №5 “MinskaTETs 3”

 Main stages:

Preparatory stage – acquaintance with the subject, the study design and operational documentation, analysis of survey data from observations deposit base, analysis of surveys performed during operation of turbine unit.

The second one is a partial survey of the ground foundation.

Third one is development previous technical decisions on strengthening the foundation of the ground turbine unit, design studying and discussing it with the customer, installation and construction companies, adjusting technical solutions.

Fourth one is development of executed works project to repair and reinforce the foundation.

Fifth – vibration diagnostics foundation and turbine after starting the turbine.

    As a result, there were performed works on the project to strengthen the foundations of turbine unit PT-60-130 / 13, Branch №5 “MinskaTETs-3.”

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