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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Batyieva Hora (Kyiv)

Topographical removal of 1: 500 with a contour interval of 0.5 m on the slopes of Batyieva Hora  on the corner of Locomotive and Krasnodon, Dadisna and Providnytskastreet, Solomyanskiy district. Kyiv

The period of work – June 2015.

Customer – ” KYYIVBUDREKONSTRUKTSIYA” “management of capital construction and reconstruction municipal enterprise.

Main stages:

               – Field work:

  1. a) searching for points of geodetic networks;
  2. b) creation of planning and vertical networks;
  3. c) topographic and geodetic removal;
  4. d) searching and removing underground utilities;

            – Desk work:

  1. d) processing of field measurements;
  2. f) preparation of topographical plans;
  3. i) a technical report;
  4. c) transfer the materials to the customer;

     In the end of the work we compiled topographical plan to scale 1: 500 of the items displayed on it the situation and terrain, geodetic points network, existing buildings, facilities and utilities, which then used to create the project documentation.

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