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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

35-storeyed apartment complex, Peremohy 5-6 Avenue, Kyiv

1 Title – “Spatial verification calculation of 35-storeyed residential complex frame, Peremohy 5-6 Avenue, Kiev, SS-3 class facilities as part of scientific and technical support of the ” Construction and operation of office and residential complex with a block of social and public facilities and parking for Peremohy 5-b Avenue, Shevchenko district. Kyiv” facility

Start and finish dates July – August 2015.

Customer – “Rasmus” LLC.

Main stages:

  1. Analysis of design, engineering and survey geological documentation for platform of building with materials of the customer.
  2. Analysis of the structural scheme of the house and refine of bearing elements of the spatial schema of the house.
  3. Gathering basic calculated loads.
  4. Approval with customer and the designer of the job calculation class MOP-3 class facilities.
  5. Prepare design scheme and computer models using subsystems PC “layout” PC “LYRA” “Monomakh” software complex.
  6. Conducting spatial deformation variant settlement system “base-foundation-building” in the PC “Monomakh” and “Lear” for wind and seismic load DBN V.1.1-12: 2014 as class facilities MOP-3.
  7. Conducting of spatial deformation calculation of spatial calculations of  “base-foundation-building” system of  in the “LIRA” PC to limit wind, seismic and emergency (progressive collapse) load SBC V.2.2-24: 2014 as MOP-3 class facilities.
  8. Analysis of the calculations results. Conclusions and recommendations.

Results – It was completed spatial verification calculation of multi-storey building frame (section 3) of complex of residential and public buildings as buildings SS-3 Class as part of scientific and technical support in the design phase, Vasylkivska 137.139 Street, Pecherskyi district. Kyiv. It was drew comparison table between the basic calculation and testing provided the appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

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