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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Leroy Marlen” (Brovarsky Avenue, Kyiv)

Title – technical audit of land (cadastral number 62: 037: 006), located at Brovary Prospect, Desnyanskiy district,  Kyiv

Start and finish dates  December 2009 – January 2010

Customer – limited liability company “Leroy Merlin UKRAINE”.

Main stages:

  1. Studying and analysis of the information used during technical audits;
  2. Analysis of the urban setting (description of the location of the land, analysis of existing planning documentation, using modern object areas of urban development and transport infrastructure, the studying and description of the building and climate zone and the ecological state of the territory, the definition of special conditions and requirements for the development prospects of the study of land) ;
  3. Characteristic of geological conditions of construction;
  4. Characterization of physical infrastructure in the area of construction and analysis of engineering construction;
  5. Description of the object of urban development;
  6. Conclusions and recommendations.

     Results – “The conclusion of the results of work on the technical audit as a preliminary consultation on building construction hypermarket on the land (cadastral number 62: 037: 006), located at Brovary Prospect, Desnyanskiy district, Kyiv”, which identified the possibility of placing about the object of urban development on land that examines requirements of operating in Ukraine of regulations in the construction industry, to determine the possibility and the cost of it is connected to city utilities, a description of the transport infrastructure in the area of land, as well as gathering information on possible encumbrances and restrictions studying of land.

            Implementation of this work was carried out at the stage of pre-development materials on this land until the customer obtained from the relevant services and institutions specifications of the design for connection to utilities, communications and facilities and to develop architectural-planning assignment (the APA) for building construction hypermarket.

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