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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Tsesis Raphail Abramovych, the engineer of the first category of the laboratory of industrial technology and energy saving in construction

He graduated of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1969). In the laboratory from 1973. Main research interests in the field of industrial technology of precast concrete and building materials (heat treatment of reinforced concrete products, economy of energy resources at the enterprises of precast concrete and production of building materials, automation, heat treatment, chemical additives in the technology of precast concrete, etc.) and thermal calculations of building structures. He is the author of invention and developer of a number of regulatory documents on the topic, as well as member of implementation research labs into production.

Participated in the development of the sectoral program of energy efficiency in construction for 2010-2014.

Regulatory publications:

  1. SSU B V. 2.7-171: 2008 Construction materials. Additives for concrete and mortar. General specifications (EN 934-2: 2001, NEQ)
  2. SSU B V. 2.7-172: 2008 Construction materials.Additives for concrete and mortar. Test methods. The determination of water soluble chloride (EN 480-10: 1996, NEQ)
  3. SSU B V. 2.7-173: 2008 Construction materials.Additives for concrete and mortar. Methodsof test. Determination of the content of alkali supplements (EN 480-12: 1996, NEQ)
  4. SSU B V. 2.7-174: 2008 Construction materials.Additives for concrete and mortar. Methods of test. Analysis of the infrared spectroscopy method (EN 480-6: 1996, NEQ)
  5. SSU B V. 2.7-175: 2008 Construction materials. Guidance on the use of chemical additives in concrete and construction solutions;
  6. SSU B V. 2.7 to 176: 2008 Construction materials. Concrete mixtures and concrete. General technical requirements (EN 206-1: 2000, NEQ)
  7. SSU-N B A. 3.1-6: 2009 Management, organization and technology. Guidance on the development and production of products used in construction;
  8. SSU-N Energy efficiency the energy intensity of the process the production of lime. The method of determining
  9. SSU-N Energy efficiency. Energy intensity of the technological process of production of bricks and stones silicani. The methodology of determining
  10. BC A. 3.2-2-2009 “System of occupational safety standards. Industrial safety in construction. The main provisions.
  11. SSU-N B A. 3.2-xxx: 201Х Guide device of solid protective fencing during the construction of monolithic buildings (the Ministry of regional development accepted for publication)

Main services

  • Conduction of  thermal calculations of building structures;
  • Development of systems for fall protection of workers and subjects in the construction of monolithic buildings;
  • Testing of samples of construction materials in compression and bending.

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