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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Detached house, Lipska, 4 Street (Kyiv)

1 Title – “Inspection of technical condition of two existing buildings (old detached houses wich have architectural and historical value), Hrushevskoho, 24/2 and Lypska, 4 Street, Pecherskyi district, on the restoration and adaptation of buildings in the neighborhood Hrushevskoho 20/1 and Lipska, 4 Streets m. Kyiv to create complex state residences to receive high officials of foreign states “

Start and finish dates November – December 2011.

Customer – state administration.

Main stages:

– Introduction into the available technical documentation.

– Execution of exploration work of the house number 24/2 Hrushevskoho Street and the house №4 across Lipska 4 Street. (excavating of pits, drilling of exploratory wells, sampling for laboratory analysis).

– Visual and tool inspection containing basic designs of houses number Hrushevskoho 24/2 Street and Lipska №4 Street.

– Laboratory tests of soil and elements of wall lying based on selected samples.

– Test calculations of foundations and piers of the building.

– Office processing the results of research, a report with conclusions and recommendations.

– Preparation of scientific-technical report and approved by the Academic Council of the Institute.

    After the survey it was developed conclusions and recommendations for restoration and adaptation of buildings, Hrushevskoho, 24/2 and Lipska 4 Street with the aim to create complex state residences to receive high officials of foreign states.

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