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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Test of piles

Tests conducted for piles are performed for pile foundation design and evaluation of technology arrangement and quality of work. Experts of GP “RIBP” have significant experience in conducting field trials of various designs piles (static and dynamic loads) of the definition of their holding capacity and deformities.

The work is performed directly on the construction site in accordance with the previously developed program of test of piles via static loads method.

    In carrying out these works and making-up report it is used:

B.V.2.1-1-95 GOST (GOST 5686-94) Soils. Methods of field test with piles.

       The work consists of the following steps:

– Introduction with programs of piles testing with static loads;

– Conducting field research;

– Office processing the results according to results of the test;

– Making-up report.

 During the performing works we use follow equipment:

– DG  fluid-operated ram – 200V- 160P (zav.№ 65.6);

– HH -500 fluid-operated rams (Head. Number 61);

– Manometers 600 atm .;

– Deflection gauge according to Egorov system with point value of 0.1 mm.

    In the sector it was performed work to test and determine the ability of control of holding piles at the sites of LLC “UKRBUD-K”; “KCD”; PJSC “AYEROBUD” companies objects at the following address:

– Chornovil 25street, Kyiv;

– Myru 1Avenue, Dnipro district, Kyiv;

-Velyka Kytaivska 55 street, Holosiivskyi district, Kiev;

– The logistics center “Terminal Brovary” Brovary;

– Mc district “Chapaevka”, Kyiv;

– Smolenska 31-33 street, Kiev;

– Shevchenko25 street, Kiev, Embassy of Georgia;

– In the “Poznyaki” residential area 4-A FIBC, Darnytskyi district, Kyiv;

– On the object of temporary building of terminal at SIA “Boryspil”;

– In the residential the Pozdnyaky area – 2 (house №9);

– Novoknostyantynivska 18 street, Obolon district, Kyiv;

– In the tract of “Concha Zaspa” within Kozynska village council;

– Alyabyeva 15 street, Obolon district, Kyiv;

– Vorovskogo 21 street,Kiev;

– Hvardiyska 2-A street, Kyiv, Holosiivsky district;

– Myronova 7 street, Dnipropetrovsk;

– A.Barbyusa 37/1 street, Pechersk district, Kiev;

– Ernest 3b street, Kiev;

– Gorkogo (Antonovich) 46.46-A street,  Kiev;

– Moskovsky 36 Avenue, Kyiv;

– Berkovetska 6 street, Shevchenko district, Kiev;

– Solom’yanska, 20-A Street, Solomyansky district, Kyiv;

– Sofievsky-Borschagivska village council, Kiev and Sviatoshynsky district, Kyiv region;

– Verkhovinna 35 street, Kiev.

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