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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Drafting the most effective foundations in difficult geological conditions

      SE “RIBP” develops foundation projects for facilities under construction in difficult geological conditions. In the projects it is uses the most advanced design foundations, using extensive database based on previously completed pile foundations in different types of geologic conditions.

      In carrying out these operations, and reporting, the following documents, building design standards and recommendations:

  1. SBC V.2.1-10-2009 “Bases and foundations of buildings.”
  2. B.V.2.1-27 ISO: 2010 “piles. Determination of bearing capacity according to the results of field trials. “

A significant advantage of SE “RIBP” is the existence of a database on the use of various types of micro piles and their executors.

     Specialists of SE “RIBP” executed work on the drafting of construction of foundations in difficult geological conditions:

  1. Drafting of pile foundations project of residential complex with objects of social structure, Kropivnitskogo street, (near the “Evening” restaurant) Kirovohrad, 2007
  2. Develop a working document foundations extension to the existing hotel (within axes “1” … “16”, “E” … “N”) on Lenin Avenue, 202 in. Zaporizhia. 2012
  3. Drafting of the foundations during the reconstruction of the production building №29 in the administrative building, Smolenska 31-33 street, Kiev;
  4. Project development foundation house on vul.Zhovtneviy 4a, Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, Kyiv;
  5. Drafting of the foundations during expansion of car-cooperative with construction of multistory garage, Zabolotny 158 street, Kyiv;
  6. Drafting of foundation during construction of the production of tubular film line, Irpin, Kiev region;
  7. Drafting of the foundations of industrial and warehouse complex, Zazimya village, Brovary district, Kiev region.

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