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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Performing of calculations and experimental research designs of reduced heat homes and buildings resistance

    Adjusted thermal resistance of all buildings and structures elements, as well as the energy performance of buildings and structures in general should comply to SBC given in V.2.6-31: 2006 “Construction of buildings and structures. The thermal insulation of constructions.”

    SE “RIBP” carries out the calculations above given parameters for objects of different designs,  give advises to construction companies about these issues.

    The Institute also conducts experimental research performance reduced resistance to heat transfer fragments provided by the customer designs, develops schemes of field-structures fragments of different buildings elements and structures for further fabrication and experimental testing.

    If the thermal calculations were developed by construction organizations by their own or with the help of a third party State Enterprise “Research Institute of building production” can held duplicate reduced payments resistance to heat, or expertise, to develop conclusions on compliance indicators reduced heat resistance of the construction regulations  given in the SBC V.2.6-31: 2006.

    In case of non performance of the reduced heat resistance of the construction regulatory requirements SBC V.2.6-31: 2006 SE “RIBP” can develop measures to improve structures.

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