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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Alcest” Trade and Exhibition Centre

Validation of the work cost of trade and exhibition center building, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Kiev Sviatoshynskyi district»

Customer: “Alcest” CJSC

The analysis of estimates that includes:

  • Check of estimates, their compliance with the type and scope of work with sections of estimate documentation for construction;
  • Check the amount of work performed on-site, their compliance with regulations;
  • Check estimates and their calculation procedure, applicable factors and standards for performed work according to the project contract and contractual terms, condition the actual construction;
  • Check estimates, value of authenticity provided for use in construction materials and equipment, their compliance with average market rates during the construction period;
  • Check of estimates, calculation of the remaining amount and valuation estimated cost of unfinished construction of the facility;
  • The cost of construction on the basis of the research;
  •  Check of extra work in terms of the needs of their implementation;
  • Determining the actual cost of construction (repairs, renovation, modernization, etc.) and compliance with contractual requirements and state building codes to determine the cost of construction;
  • Consistency of data types, the volume of construction works to design estimates on the basis of instrumental inspection, acts of performed works and acts of the hidden works, compiled in accordance with the law.

Survey of estimates for regulatory compliance:

  • Determine the amount of outstanding work by presenting investors to convert their value
  • Determine the correct accounting of tax planning, estimate income and other expenses
  • Define a clear value of the project implementation and the involvement of subcontractor’s organizations sequence
  • Determine the compliance of estimate documentation section to validate design decisions (item 4.6 of ISO-H B A.2.2-1-: 2012 “Guide of expertise of project documentation for construction”)
  • Check of compliance with regulatory requirements in a particular section of estimates
  • Consistency of design estimates, prepared the construction (repair, renovation, modernization, etc.) with regulatory requirements (SBS, SNIP, WPC, ISO, etc.) acting in the construction industry;
  • Development of recommendations according to the composition and content of estimate documentation.

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