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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Examination of RECN for veneer granite slabs of surfaces of Triumfalna arka monument on the Kropyvnytskogo square in Lviv

The work was fulfilled by the professionals of studies of the cost of construction, valuation and development of estimates sector of SE “RIBP” under the direction of the head of sector Yachmeniova J. V.

Customer – KMP “Hranitbudekskluzyv”

Provided services:

Examination of individual resource elemental estimate standard for veneer granite slabs of surfaces of Triumfalna arka monument on the Kropyvnytskogosquare in Lviv.

The start and end dates May – June 2011

Main stages:

  • Studying of technical solutions for customer’s materials.
  • Studying of the normative document draft (ND).
  • Analysis of calculation of the normative document draft on the customer’s materials.
  • Preparation of the work program.
  • Preparation of technical specifications.
  • It was analyzed labour cost; the average grade level of work defined for the link workers; labor costs of drivers; the list of machines and mechanisms, mechanized tools and time of their operation; costs of construction materials, products and structures.
  • Calculations of resource costs of the draft norms and investigated their compliance with the current SSU.
  • Determining the quality of the project ND by identifying deviations from requirements of the legislation of Ukraine in the construction industry.
  • Provision with expert advice.

The results – it was performed expertise of the individual resource element estimate standards for veneer granite slabs surfaces the arc de Triomphe on the square Kropivnitskogo in the city in accordance with all requirements and regulations of the current legislation and it was made conclusion.

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