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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Residential complex on Lyustdorska 90 Street, Odesa

  1. Title – Spatial verification calculation of frame construction in residential complex as “frame-foundation-base” structural system for seismic loading as part of scientific and technical support in the design phase, Lyustdorska 90 Street, Odessa.

 Start and finish dates September – October 2014.

Customer is “STRUCTURE” KP.

Main stages:

  • Analysis of design, engineering and survey geological documentation for building platform with customer materials.
  • Analysis of the structural scheme of the house and refine of bearing elements of the spatial schema of house.
  • Gathering basic design loads.
  • Approval with customer and the designer of the job calculation of MOP-3class facilities.
  • Prepare design scheme and computer models using PC “Componovka” PC “LYRA” subsystems and «Monomakh” software system.
  • Conducting spatial deformation variant “base-foundation-building” settlement system in the “Monomakh” and “LIRA” software for wind and seismic load SBS V.1.1-12: 2014 as MOP-3class facilities.
  • Conducting deformation of spatial calculation of building a “base-foundation-building” in the PC “LIRA» system of to limit wind, seismic and emergency (progressive collapse) load SBS V.2.2-24: 2014 as class facilities MOP-3.
  • Analysis of the results of calculations. Conclusions and recommendations.
  • Results of calculations.
  • Preparation of scientific and technical report and approved by the Academic Council of the Institute.

5. Results – performance of deformational calculation of plate-pile foundation and ground base, composed of complex man-made, talus, lake and marine sediments are overlain by bulk sand from above by means of the “Monomakh 4.5” complex (SS subsystem “soil”) of the definition the impact of new construction on the deformation behavior of existing buildings in the area of new construction.

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