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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Dnipro” Hotel; Zaporizhia

1 Title – “Development of the working documentation of extension foundations to the existing hotel within axes” 1 “…” 16 “; “E” … “N”), Lenin 202 Avenue, Zaporizhia “

Start and finish dates Jenuary 2012 – February 2012.

Customer – “Design Systems Ltd” LLC

Main stages:

– Introduction into the available technical documentation.

– Design calculations

– Settlements of foundation calculation of an extension to the existing part of hotel

– Drafting of working drawings project of extension foundations within the axis “1” … “16” and “E” … “H” with the arrangement pf sand pads and foundations of entrance area outside the axis “A” between numbers “4” … “5” ; “7” … “10”; “13” … “16”.

– The settlement of foundations project for technological equipment within the extension.

 In result, it was developed project of working drawings of extension foundations of the arrangement of sand pillows, foundations entrance areas and foundations for process equipment within an extension, Lenin 202 Avenue, Zaporizhia”

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