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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Chernuhin Olexandr Moyseyovych., Ph. D., leading researcher of the Department of hydraulic engineering and special construction

A survey of civil, industrial and residential buildings, water facilities and hydraulic engineering structures with assessment of building structures using non-destructive methods, conducting engineering and geological surveys of underground parts of buildings and structures, the design of enclosing walls of underground structures constructed by the method of “wall in soil“, seepage and drainage structures for various purposes, strengthening of bases of buildings and structures of cement mortar, which are in the soil of others ‘CCU or erosion.

Making up recommendations, conclusions, technical passports of buildings and structures, development of projects of manufacture of works, process charts, laboratory work on quality assessment of materials used in underground and water construction, engineering-geological works in conditions of dense urban development. These services are designed for construction and design organizations working in the field of underground and water engineering.

Prospective research on the device of protein and drainage structures on existing repositories of toxic and radioactive waste on the basis of application of the method “wall in the ground” (Patent of Ukraine No. 755) and horizontal drilling (Patent of Ukraine No. 35065).

New technologies for obtaining of biogas from the work of wastewater treatment plants, improvement of the anaerobic-aerobic purification via reduction of consumption structures that are designed, and reducing the area they occupy.

The development of projects of municipal wastewater treatment plants.

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