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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Equipment for jack pile driving

Equipment for jack pile driving, рrotected by patents of Ukraine № 9751А, 63596А, 74308, 75547 and  RF №№ 1244237, 2020206, 2017894, 2070251, 2106455.

Developed pile driving equipment is intended for installation of pile substructures and pile sheeting near the existing buildings, in shear zones and other places, where it is not permissible to produce noise and dynamic impact on environment..

Basic engineering data of the equipment: driving force – up to  150 kN; length of whole  piles to be driven – up to  16 m; capacity – 1-3 piles per hour; attending personnel– 3 men.

Driven reinforced concrete piles surpass drilled piles by all technical and economic parameters and permit to: assure 100% foundation reliability as during installation it is possible to maintain  fixed driving effort for each pile; reduce cost of foundations; decrease energy consumption; perform works round-the-clock under air temperature below zero. Therefore this equipment is effectively used in Ukraine.

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