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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Technology of pile underpinning for foundations of buildings

Technology of pile underpinning for foundations of buildings is protected by patents of Ukraine № 20635А, 20637А.

Developed, produced and tested in production environment small-size equipment for foundation underpinning with use of driven multisection piles, bored piles or drill-and-inject piles. There are ready process solutions regarding foundation reinforcement of buildings and structures.

Equipment and related technology permit to transmit loads from building frames or structures being reinforced to piles which, in its turn, prevents further deformation resulting from subsidence, gives possibility to increase number of storeys in buildings under reconstruction and preserve unique structures in unsafe condition.

Reinforcement works can be performed in basements 1.5 m high or outside buildings being reinforced.

This technology was successfully applied during foundation reinforcement of residential buildings in I.Franka Street (houses №18 and №24-A), Moskovska Street, 29-B, administrative building in Saksagonskogo Street, 23, in Kyiv City, Odessa Opera and Ballet House and other facilities.

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