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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Boryspil International Airport

  1. The detailed design of the “Capital repair of replacement of stained glass window cover twill of “B” terminal facade A-A axes 14-22»

 Customer is SE “Borispil” International airport SE IA” Boryspil “)

Completed – experts under the direction of N. Chukanova

Purpose is to determine the technical condition of structures of buildings complex.

 Main stages are:

  • Development of technical specifications;
  • A survey of existing structures of buildings;
  • Execution of control measurements of existing structures to establish the volume of performed work;
  • Instrumental nondestructive test of strength of materials pivot construction (concrete and brick laying);
  • Fixing and assembly of data of defects and damages;
  • Survey of structures volumes;
  • Examination of internal and external communications;
  • Inspection of fixtures.
  • Making up the report.

As a result of the technical condition it was set designs of buildings by performing visual inspections and instrumental in accessible places. It was determined strength and load-bearing frame structures. It was given recommendations for further safe operation of the building.

2. Сomprehensive research of defects and damage of coverage apron «D» of “Borispol” airport and the development of technological solutions to rehabilitation and remediation activities.

A comprehensive study of defects and damage coverage apron «D» airport “Borispol” and developed technological solutions with the rehabilitation and reconstruction activities.

Comprehensive study of the existing airfield concrete coating performed on the program developed by the department of SE “RIBP”

According to the program it was made following works:

 an analysis of the nature of the destruction of concrete pavement platform; defined by the presence of corrosion of concrete in all areas of coverage and identified the type of corrosion; it was chosen way of covering surface preparation of concrete apron to repair; selected materials to restore the performance of the platform cover and conducted tests of samples treated with these materials; it was established research areas arranged on the prepared surface coating platform using the most suitable materials that determination on the basis of the studies and tests to the technology of the repair works and confirm the suitability of selected materials; recommendations of the repair work platform coverage.


Execution: specialists of inspection sector of construction costs, regulation and development budgets DC “NDIBV” under the direction of head. Yachmeneva Yulia’s Sector.

Customer – SE IA “Borispol”.

Main stages:

  • Analysis of design documentation.
  • Inspection of design documentation.
  • Development cost estimates for building works.
  • Design estimates for electrical work – internal network.
  • Design estimates for temporary structures
  • Development of consolidated estimated calculation.
  •    Development estimates stage “RP” in “Overhaul twill weave stained glass window of the terminal” B “in the axes” A “-” 14-22 “SE IA” Boryspil “.”
  • Reconciliation of consolidated estimated calculation with customer.
  • Passing the examination of the project in SE “Ukrderzhbudekspertiza” Obtaining a positive report.

    Results – It was compiled estimates in accordance with all requirements and regulations applicable law. The positive report from the expert organizations.

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