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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Scientific and technical support of construction’s objects

Work title – Scientific and technical support of construction objects.

Customers – LLC “ukrbud Development”, PJSC “Prominvestgrupp-1”, PJSC “HC “Kismet”, “Terrax LTD”, “Rasmus”, OOO “TMK-Block”, “Arkada-Engineering”.

Main stages:

  1. Compiling programs for scientific and technical support;
  2. The calculation of the class of liability of the building
  3. Calculation of impact of new construction on the existing surrounding buildings
  4. Reserach of the technical condition of buildings existing building
  5. The design of the monitoring well network to monitor changes in the hydrogeological regime
  6. Duplicating calculation of the load-bearing frame of the building
  7. Monitoring of the technical condition of existing building
  8. Monitoring of changes of hydrogeological regime through observations of groundwater table in observation wells
  9. Scientific and technical supervision of construction works, development of certain design and technological solutions tailored to the specific conditions of work performance, analysis of technical solutions for compliance with statutory requirements, the provision of advice;
  10. Random research of the quality of the materials:

– determination of parameters of the concrete mix before laying (temperature, workability for lees cone);

– research of concrete in terms of “compressive strength”, “medium density”;

10. Sample instrumental verification of the continuity and depth of piles non-destructive acoustic method;

11. Random insrtumental research of the quality of concrete structures by nondestructive method;

12. Fixing of defects and the development of technical and construction-technological solutions for their elimination

13. Providing information assistance in solving problems of construction;

Results – monthly report on the results of scientific and technical maintenance of the object.

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