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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development, examination and approval of budget norms and standards (SOU)

Development and assessment of individual resource element estimated standards (IREKN) and Standards of organization of Ukraine (SOU)

In the case of Applying technology, the use of which there are no estimates rules, determining of the question of the estimated cost of a construction operation is not only a technical issue but also a source of potential conflict between the customer and the contractor.

We can solve this problem with a use of ISO-H B D.1.1-1: 2013 and ISO-N B D.1.1-6 2013, which provide the development of individual Resource element estimated standards (IREKN) that operate only in a particular project when specific initial conditions or standards of Ukraine (SOU), which may include some rules and used even when changing prices for materials and wages of workers and other parameters.

Initial data for IREKN and SOU development is a description of the process with a detailed list of all activities and operations characteristic of used vehicles, machinery and tools. This description may be provided both by a customer and compiled with the assistance of the department co-worker.

Ordering IREKN or SOU development in our institute, you will receive the required document within 2-3 weeks, and his claim will take no more than two months.

In recent years, experts of RIBP have developed SOU Individual or estimated standards for such works:

-Device of bored piles with modern facilities;

-Horizontal and directional drilling;

– Installation of vacuum sewerage systems;

– Destruction of concrete structures by hydraulic hammer;

– “Wall in the ground”; device

– Suspend the self-holding wires;

– Installation of custom prefabricated w / b structures;

– The device of unique monolithic w / w designs;

– Infliction of finishing, insulation and cladding modern materials.

It has been also developed resource exploitation norms of modern machines.

Ordering IREKN development in our institute, you can prevent possible conflicts of intractable customers and ordering SOU development, you can not only reuse it on their sites, but also sell the right to use other construction companies.

If IREKN or SOU development were elaborated by you, we can to make their expertise and provide assistance in their subsequent approval in one week.

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