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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“Methodical recommendations on execution of geodetic works in construction”


1 Introduction 4

2 Definition of terms and concepts 8

3 Geodetic works in construction 10

3.1 General definitions 10

3.2 Objectives and content of the geodetic marking works 10

3.3 Obligations of the customer and the contractor 13

3.4 Procedure of the geodetic survey 13

4 Geodetic marking network for construction 21

5 Marking works in the construction process 33

6 Geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parameters of buildings (structures) and Executive geodetic removal 36

7 Geodetic monitoring of buildings and structures 45

8 Methods of geodetic works 49

8.1 Methods of marking works performance 49

8.2 Stakeout design marks, lines, and planes 52

8.3 Field testing and validation of survey instruments 56

9 Execution of geodetic measurements and control of accuracy of geometrical parameters 65

9.1 t System of tolerances in the construction of 65

9.2 Scheme of measurement of the elements of factory manufacturing (SSU-N B V. 1.3. – 1: 2009 taking into account the norms ISO 7976-1 and ISO 7976-2) 72

9.3 Schemes and examples of the use of tools and measurement methods at construction site (SSU-N B V. 1.3. – 1: 2009 86

Appendix A. Contents of the execution history of surveying and geodetic control at the construction site 113

Appendix B Software requirements to geodetic surveying 114

App D Form of acceptance certificate marking the geodetic network construction site 115

Appendix E Form of acceptance-transfer of the results of geodetic works at erection of buildings and structures 117

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