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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“PIFS Bracket ”front capsulating finishing system

“PIFS Bracket” used for insulation of facades of frame-monolithic houses. Bearing capacity portion can be of the most effective ceramic brick or porous blocks, and veneer – silicate or ceramic brick 1/2 brick under the joints.

External insulation of walls is carried out of mineral wool or polystyrene plates or filler insulation.

Exterior finish may be in the form of:

  • natural textures of silicate or ceramic bricks under the joints;
  • combined silicate or ceramic bricks billing;
  • painting of the individual elements.

Masonry of bearing wall part and veneer are tiers 4-5 rows of bricks with ligation tiers galvanized steel connectors.

Fastening system to the external walls is carried out using stainless steel brackets, which create a support for placing a slab of insulation, and cladding in brick. The brackets are made on the premises of the Institute.

The benefits of the ”PIFS Bracket” are:

  • excludes “cold highways” from the speakers at the facade of the floors;
  • excludes catastrophic consequences of the problem of wetting and wicking of joints in the exposed area floor slabs;
  • facade takes the form of a clean field without floor zones;
  • all-season operations in a single cycle of construction of exterior walls and the façade takes from the operational view;

• the durability of the veneer tempered with durability of a bearing part of a wall for 100 years.

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