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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Design of automated monitoring systems and management of buildings security and life support systems

This service includes the following steps:

  1. Development of the problems of design, technical specifications, design and estimate documentation for the implementation of automated systems monitoring and management of security and life support systems of buildings (ASMU) and automated systems for early detection of emergency situations and alert when they arise (ASRVO) for potentially dangerous objects anddangerous projects in accordance to state building codes and requirements of the State inspection of civil protection and technological safety Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine. Matching design documentation developed with expert organizations and bodies State Committee. Support project documentation during construction (supervision). Conclusion of accounting documents about implementing systems and ASMU and ASRVO.
  2. Development and systematization of regulations on the development and implementation of ASMU, ASRVO on potentially dangerous objects in the construction industry, including:

– Waterworks;

– Potentially dangerous buildings and structures (including roofs of large area using a cable-stayed and arched structures);

– High-rise buildings and rise buildings;

– Objects that are built in compacted under development;

– Buildings, engineering structures and networks located in areas with risk of manifestations of natural dangerous natural phenomenon and processes (soil subsidence, landslides, flooding, avalanches, etc.);

– Underground structures (underground facilities and multi-level underground parking, etc.);

– Buildings and structures of occupancy.

  1. Determination of the appropriate amount of automation, communication channels and types of data transmission (cable networks, radio, Internet)during creating of ASMU ASRVO and construction with the level of responsibility and subsystems design features:

– Geophysical surveys;

– Monitoring of the sinking of the foundations of high-rise buildings;

– Monitoring of the slope of tall buildings considering wind loads;

– Monitoring of engineering structures;

– Workstation (AWS) of remote centralized monitoring;

– Radiation monitoring of building materials and construction projects.

  1. Scientific and Technical support for the design, construction and operation of buildings with complex engineering solutions, projects under construction in terms of compacted urban development, PNO and very dangerous obects.
  2. Determining of scientifically – grounded to critical values ​​and critical design parameters of buildings subject which should be monitored and controlled, both during construction and during their subsequent operation, including:

– State of foundations, foundation and load-bearing concrete and metal structures;

– Integrity and relative changes in geometrical parameters roofs;

– The state of the surrounding buildings and infrastructure;

– Dynamics of connected geologicalarrays and ground water, and the processes associated with changes in their condition;

– Integrity and relative changes in the geometric parameters of buildings, engineering structures and networks;

– Changes in the relative geometrical parameters of terrain;

– State of groundwater (level, temperature, conductivity, etc.).

  1. Development of recommendations based on scientific research and regulatory requirements of acts on the list and volume ahead of measures to reduce or prevent the negative anthropogenic influence new construction adjacent to existing facilities in terms of compacted urban development.
  2. Development of algorithms for operation of security systems and life support systems of buildings, objects and potentially dangerous objects to achieve a comprehensive, interconnected their work with aim of timely prevention and elimination of emergency (HC).
  3. Providing advice, suggestions, scientific and technical and methodological assistance, preparation of conceptual solutions of automated monitoring and management (ASMU), early detection and warning people if they occur (ASRVO) on the potentially dangerous construction sites.

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