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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Duplicating and checkup calculations of main deterrent structures

SE “RIBP” performs duplicating calculations of main complex projects structures which are built in the soil, such as Pile-plate foundations, fences, trenches, construction of retaining walls and tests calculations of individual structural elements of buildings and structures (beams, columns, etc.), and buildings in general.

            The necessity of performing redundant calculations is regulated by:

  1. SBC V.2.6-98: 2009 Construction of buildings and structures. Concrete and ferroconcrete structures. Substantive provisions
  2. SBC V.1.2-2: 2006 Load and impact.
  3. SBC V.1.2-14: 2009 General principles of reliability and structural safety of buildings, structures and foundations.
  4. SBC V.2.1-10: 2009 Bases and foundations of buildings. The main provisions of the design;
  5. SBC V.1.1-12: 2014 Construction in seismic areas.
  6. SBC V.2.2-24: 2009 Design of high-rise residential and public buildings.
  7. B V.1.2-3 ISO: 2006 Deflection and movement.
  8. SBC V.1.2-5: 2007 Scientific and technical support of construction projects.

            Duplicating complex objects calculations are performed during the scientific and technical support of construction. During the performing of duplicating calculations it’s performed complex objects modeling of “soil-structure” system.

Testing calculations are performed according to the technical project of the Customer both for individual structural elements and for the whole construction. It is performed to eliminate errors in the project.

As a result, we gave conclusions and recommendations to clarify the project.

        Duplicating complex objects calculations are performed for 2 stages:

– Stage of facilities construction;

– Stage of facilities operation.

            For performing works it is used LIRA-CAD 2015; Monomakh-SAPR 2013; ESPRI 2014, «PLAXIS-2D, 3D» and «SCAD-OFFICE» packages software, which allow performing retaining structures calculations more accurately.

The estimated model of spatial scheme structures of high building frame is performed in the (PS) “Assembly” program complex (PC) “Monomakh 4.5” subsystem and exported in PC “LIRA-CAD” and estimated in PC “Monomakh” subsystem:

SS “PLYTA” software package is used for determination of the estimated reinforcing elements in the frame.

Stages of work include:

– Analysis of technical documentation provided by the customer;

– developing of multistory building computational models on operational, wind and seismic loads.

-computer modeling and space calculations on marginal, wind and seismic loads as a “structure-foundation-pile foundation” system.

Within this service SE “RIBP” in particular has performed the following works:

  1. Verification calculation of frame “Prestige Hall”residential-office complex, Sections №1, №2, Barbyusa 37/1 street, Pechersk district. Kyiv, (strengthening the Section №1 foundations) as part of scientific and technical support during design stage.
  2. -“Implementation of duplicate calculations of bearing structures frame of the building as “base-foundation-structure “structural system within the scientific and technical support in the design phase 2 residential building complex of residential buildings with built-in facilities and parking at the Lustdorfska Doroha 90, street, Odessa “(as the liability structure of class SS3).
  3. -“Spatial verification calculation of multi-storey building frame (section 3) complex of residential and public buildings as buildings of SS-3 Class as part of scientific and technical support in the design phase, Vasylkovska 137.139 street, Pechersk district, Kyiv “
  4. “Work on the scientific and technical support in the building of a residential complex on Novopechersky 5 Avenue, Kiev.” Implementation of duplicate payments of the most critical part of the complex frame (building №5) »
  5. “Spatial verification calculation of construction residential building frame №2 effects of SS-3 residential complex structural system as” frame-foundation-base “for seismic loading as part of scientific and technical support at ul. Birch (part 2), m. Odesa “
  6. “Spatial verification calculation of dwelling house frame with built-attached shops and office space as “frame-foundation-base “constructive system for seismic loading as part of scientific and technical support in the design stage at ul. Kamenet 2A, Brussels’
  7. “Implementation of duplicate payments frame bearing structures of the building structural system as” base-foundation-structure “within the scientific and technical support in the design phase of 30-storey residential building, Novoberehova street, Odesa “
  8. Duplicating calculations of stability and strength fences excavation of underground “Horoshovskaya” habitats, Moscow during works to dismantle the three lower spacer elements 2013
  9. Work on scientific and technological support for the construction of a hotel complex with underground parking on the street. Lutheran 14, Pechersk district, Kyiv (duplicate payments of interlocking fence), 2012-2013.
  10. Duplicating stability calculations cascade of retaining walls in the area of family recreation complex on the 8-th station of Big Fountain in Odessa. (Black Sea coast “, 2015 .;
  11. Work on the implementation of redundant calculations and expert analysis “constructive solutions interlocking fencing” measures to prevent the negative impact of the mutual sewage collector D = 2000mm and Construction of “Petrovka” shopping center, Willow, 21.23 street, Obolon district. Kyiv, including a complex duplicate calculation of “building-enclosure-collector” system in the “PLAXIS” software sector, 2016.

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