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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Inspection of work is performed to the compliance of the project documentation

 SE “RIBP” performs expert works of new construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures implementation specific to their compliance with the project documentation.

    Works are performed for concrete and metal structures.

    Expertise is conducted by inspection of the finished structures, which includes visual revision, checking the strength of materials by non-destructive methods, checking geometric parameters of buildings.

    During the visual inspection it is verified whether the performed construction design decision were made in the project.

    During the inspection of concrete structures selectively tested the strength and class of concrete to the compliance of concrete class adopted in design. It is identified the location and diameter of reinforcing bars and concrete cover thickness.

In the survey of metal structures we check assortment of steel construction elements for compliance assortment adopted in the project. It’s selectively checked type and parameters of welds.

    It’s selectively scanned geometric parameters of construction with fixing their deviations from design values. We are checking recorded deviations for compliance of the standards to acceptable values.

    Inspection of the finished construction for compliance of the project design is performed within the scientific and technical support of complex objects and can be ordered after the repair or reconstruction of buildings.

Inspection of performed work for compliance of the project design is regulated by the following regulations:

  1. SBC V.1.2-5: 2007 Scientific and technical support of facilities;
  2. Inspection, certification, safe and reliable operation of buildings regulations, 1999;
  3. B V.2.7-224 ISO: 2009 Building materials. Concrete. Strength control regulations;
  4. B V.2.7-226 ISO: 2009 Building materials. Concrete. The ultrasonic method for determining the strength;
  5. ISO B V.2.6-4-95 Ferroconcrete structures. Magnetic method for determining the protective layer of concrete and rebar location;
  6. ISO B 2.6-182: 2011 Welded connections;
  7. SNIP 3.03.01-87 Bearing and protecting constructions.

In carrying out the inspection of performed work it is used the following equipment:

  1. UK-14P (ultrasonic method);
  2. HPNV 5 (method of shearing separation);
  3. Sclerometer C-22 (the shock pulse method);
  4. POISK-2,5 (magnetic method);
  5. CONSTANT-K5 (ultrasonic thickness gauge);
  6. Leica Disto Classic SA (laser rangefinder);
  7. «Standart» Smts / 16fts (tapeline).

Within this service our experts completed the following work on the expertise of performed works:

  1. Inspection and testing the facilities built for the “BiARY customer” and their project documentation which was provided by “BiARYu” Ltd. to their compliance with the customer in accordance with the “contract agreement №208-see. / 05 dated 22.09.2005” concluded with “BiARYu” and related standards (DBN, SNIP, etc.), 2007
  2. After repairing inspection of the “Golden Gate” building technical state, Mashynobudivna 50 street, Kiev, 2008.
  3. Scientific and technical support “Olympic” NSK facility reconstruction (construction of overpass, beams, construction of cold zone, fan-zone, metal grills retaining walls, construction of parking and so on.), 2008-2011 p.
  4. Scientific and technological support work during the construction of a hotel complex with underground parking, Lutheranska 14 street, Pechersk district. Kyiv (matched fences, excavation, piling field and grillage construction, reinforced concrete frame) 2012-2013.

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