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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Inspection of engineering documentation for regulatory compliance and modern construction technology

Sometimes during the construction general contracting, contracting and design organizations and companies need to occur in the major independent examination of its design, working and engineering documentation (process maps, etc.) for application materials, applicable building codes and modern technology works.

Specialists of SE “RIBP” have extensive experience of design expertise, working and engineering documentation of objects of any complexity both in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union in the near abroad.

   Works are regulated by:

  1.  SBC V.2.2-15-2005 Buildings. Residential buildings. Fundamental provisions;
  2. SBC V.2.2-9-2009 Buildings and constructions. Public buildings and facilities. Main provisions;
  3. SBC V.2.3-15: 2007 Transport facilities. Car parks and garages for cars.
  4. SBC V.1.1-7-2002 Protection from fire. Construction fire safety.
  5. “System design documentation for construction” compliance implementation:
  6. SSU B A.2.4-4 ISO: 2009. Basic requirements for the design and working documentation;
  7. SSU B A.2.4-8 ISO: 2009. Conventional graphics and sanitary systems elements markers;
  8. SSU B A.2.4-7 ISO: 2009. Rules of  the Implementation of architectural and construction working drawings.
  9. DBN V.1.2-2-2006 Loads and effects;
  10. SBC V.2.6-98 “Concrete and reinforced concrete structures of the heavy concrete”;
  11. B.V.2.6-156 ISO: 2010 “Concrete and reinforced concrete construction with heavy concrete. Design rules;
  12. SBC V.2.1-10-2009 “Bases and foundations. The main provisions of design “;
  13. SBC V.1.2-14-2009 “General principles of reliability and structural safety of buildings, structures, building structures and foundations.
  14. DBN V.1.1-12: 2006 “Construction in seismic regions of Ukraine. Protection from dangerous geological processes, operational harmful impacts of fires”

   Works on the project expertise, working and engineering documentation are carried out under the supervision of certified expert at rates calculated according to actual labor costs, depending on the volume of the documentation in the period from 3 days to 1 month, and include:

The original receipt from the customer documentation and its preliminary analysis;

Verification of compliance of architectural planning and space solutions developed in the project documentation requirements and standards applicable legislation and the provision of:

Comments to the design of project documentation “RP” stage according to SPDB.

Comments to architectural solutions.

Review of project documentation KZB section (ferroconcrete structures) in the design of the facility and provide relevant comments.

Detailed analysis of the applicable documentation of technical and technological solutions and ways to perform construction and other works taken with regard to design schemes;

if it necessary, it’s matched more optimal and modern technical and technological solutions to include the documentation.

Development of expert opinion after the results of inspection of project documentation, including recommendations for its revision or recycling.

  If it is necessary, according to separate agreement, experts of SE “RIBP” are able to modify or alter the project documents of any complexity (even for construction projects of the 4th category of complexity) as there are certified designers and GAP in the institute is. In addition, under individual contracts, experts of our department can help you in passing the state inspection of your documents and make or architectural or technical supervision or scientific and technical support (according to SBC V.1.2-5: 2007 “System of reliability and security of construction projects. Scientific and technical support of construction projects”) under construction with your documentation.

Within this service our specialists in particular performed the following works:

 1.Tehnichnyy opinion on design solutions under “RP” consistent with applicable DBN adopted by General Designer Limited Liability Company “Resource Development” in the design of the facility: “Construction of residential and office building with elements of social infrastructure on Vorovskogo 21 street, Shevchenko district, Kyiv.

2.  Checking the bearing capacity of the floor slab at B2 vidm.-7.8m and recommendations for its strengthening with additional loading equipment chiller with increased weight, the design characteristics of the Class of concrete slabs, high-rise administrative office of 2- storied 34 and 47-storey frame-monolithic construction of the community center with an underground 8-storey car park on Sholudenko street, (at the intersection of Peremohy and Borshchahivska street), Shevchenko district, Kyiv.

    If you have a need for expertise of your project documentation, we will be pleased to cooperate with you!

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