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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Topographical survey to scale 1: 500

Topographical survey is a complex of survey work, in which topographical plan of area is composed. This plan can be both on paper and electronic media. It presents a mapping image of relief, planning of areas, existing buildings and structures.

This service is needed  in such cases:

  1. Ensuring of spatial planning is a topographical capture for detailed plan for the territory.
  2. For the development of VC, FS, TER we use topographical surveying using archival material with the update.
  3. For developing or working draft we use topographical removal for ensuring initial data of drafting engineering training, general plan, design buildings, design engineering services, design of vertical planning area, project of engineering protection.
  4. For the development of working documentation RD we use with topographical output during conservation and restarting building, during changing and detailed elaboration of design solutions, increasing the area of construction and so on.

This service is regulated by:

  1.  SBC V.1.3-2: 2010 “Geodetic works in construction”
  2. SBC A.2.1-1: 2014 “Engineering survey for construction”

This service includes such stages:

Field works:

a) Searching for points of geodetic networks;

b) Creation of planning and vertical networks;

c) Topographic and geodetic survey;

d) Searching for and survey of underground utilities;

– Cameral works:

d) Processing of field measurements;

f) Preparation of topographical plans;

i) Drafting technical report;

c) Transfer the materials to the customer;

Term of usage of topographic survey material to scale 1: 500 is 1 year.

Necessary equipment is:

Topographical survey to scale 1: 500 is performed by special geodetic instruments – tachometer or theodolites. To identify or refine the placement of underground utilities we use line locators.

The list of work performed by this service unit:

  1. Engineering and geodetic survey (topographic removal of 1: 500) with a contour interval of 0.5 m land with area of 23 hectares for the construction of “Gorenichi” State Olympic training center.
  2. Engineering and geodetic survey (topographic removal of 1: 500) with a contour interval of 0.5 m on Batyyeva Hora slopes on the corner of Locomotyvna and Krasnodonska, Radisna and Providnytska streets, Solomyansky district, Kyiv, for development of protective anti-landslide structures project.

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