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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

The implementation of countercyclical activity in activities of construction enterprises

       In a highly dynamic environment, the vast majority of construction companies fall in crisis every time when the country takes another macroeconomic crisis. This is not only a sharp decline in demand for real estate for BIS and the deterioration of the economic situation, but also the inability of most construction company in time to anticipate the deterioration in market conditions and prepare for it.

     The said problem is solved with countercyclical management concept that involves the creation of the enterprise system and environmental changes of early detection and timely adaptation.

    Within this service experts of SE “RIBP” for your order can perform the following works:

Determination of impact level of the economic cycling recurrence on key financial and economic indicators of your enterprise.

Multivariate prediction of fluctuations of your segment of the real estate market based on the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, indicators of the efficiency of the industry and economic expectations of consumers and entrepreneurs.

Forecasting of changes in key performance indicators for the functioning of your company with different scenarios changes in economic conditions.

Development of the complex of organizational, economic and marketing activities about timely adapt of your business to changes in market conditions.

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