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Development of business-plan of investment project

         Companies which are interested in obtaining financing virtually in all cases should develop and submit for consideration to financial institutions an application for credit and reasonable business plan.

         The business plan is a plan of the company which is necessary for the development of new fields of activity, creation of new types of businesses. It allows you to assess the viability of the enterprise in a competitive environment, and is the argument for receiving financial support from external investors.

         Practice shows that in the current development stage of business in Ukraine business plan is the most appropriate for entrepreneurs who hope to attract foreign investment, because most foreign investors prefer the traditional allocation scheme of distinguishing money, the crucial moment of which is consideration of business plan.

         The standard form of business plan does not exist, but in all cases it must contain the specific information needed for a decision on the possibility of financing the company.

         Depth of development of the business plan depends on the amount of the requested funding. In the case of small businesses, some parts of the business plan can be lowered or set in reduced volume. Business plans dedicated for internal use (i.e. for planning and forecasting of the company’s activity), can be greatly simplified.

         Universal foundation of any business plan, to which may impose various additional aspects, are the following sections:

– Brief description of the project (project summary) with optional display of financing needs and repayment schedule of borrowings.

– Description of the company (enterprise).

– Organizational-economic characteristics of the company, its development history,

– The owners, managerial staff and personnel of the company.

 -The range of goods and services.

 -The production capacity of the company.

 -Analysis of sales and marketing company.

 -Evaluation of financial condition.

 -Conclusions, where it is indicated the main advantages and disadvantages of the company, its development prospects in the near future.

 -Market Analysis.

 -The definition of commodity and territorial boundaries of the market, its capacity, prices and prospects of change.

-Characteristics of the target audience (potential customers), its segmentation.

 -Characteristics of the existing range of products in the market with their shortcomings.

 -Characteristics of the intensity of competition, the main competing firms.


 -Description and characteristics of the new product, its competitive advantages, potential level of demand, production and cost of its implementation.

 -Characteristics of the system of production, storage and transportation of new products, key raw materials and the possibility of its purchase.

 -Characteristics of marketing system and sales of a new product.

 -Sources of funding of the project and the purpose.

-Provisions of financing and collateral.

 -Key figures of the project efficiency ((NPV, IRR, profitability, payback period) and the strength of the project (breakeven point).

 -Project risks and means to reduce them.

 -Schedule of the project with specific steps, their cost and compliance officers.

 -Applications (full resume management of the company, copies of financial statements, letters from creditors, in which the company previously received loans; copies of contracts related to the project, copies of licenses, certificates, etc.).

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