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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of technical conditions for construction materials

        In accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation batch or mass production of building materials, products and systems carried out by domestic manufacturer on the basis of technical standards – technical specifications (hereinafter – TC) agreed in due course with the state supervision:

– Emergency Service of Ukraine;

– Bodies of epidemiological station;

– State Committee for supervision of labor protection;

– Regional Development Ukraine;

– Ministry of Environment Ukraine,

 and registered at the state level SE ” International Organization for Standardization”

         Technical conditions are developed in accordance with GOST 1.3: 2004 “National standardization. The rules of construction, teaching, design, approval, acceptance and marking of specifications “in the period from 2 to 10 months (depending on the scope of work and coordination) in the following stages:

Familiarization with the original data and the development of technical assignment for the development of TC, establishing customer requirements of TC products which will be produced.

Execution of complex of physical and mechanical tests of products samples that will be produced according to current regulations.

Development of the first edition of TC, which necessarily includes the following sections:

– The scope of application;

– Normative references;

– Technical requirements (parameters and dimensions, basic parameters and characteristics, requirements for raw materials, finished products, completeness, labeling, packaging);

– Safety requirements;

– The requirements of environmental protection, recycling;

– Rules of acceptance;

– Methods of control (testing, analysis, measurement);

– Transportation and storage;

– Requirements for the operation, maintenance, guidance on the application etc.

– Manufacturer’s warranty.

   Agree of TC with institutions of state supervision, development of the second edition of TU taking into account the comments of coordinating organizations, approving the TC by customer.

 Support TU during state examination (technical inspection) and approval of specifications of Regional Development of Ukraine.

 Support of state registration of TU.

    We offer you the assistance of our experienced professionals leading the department in the development and scientific support specifications on your products. The work performed by the rates under existing state standards. After state registration, developed by TU Institute is suitable for the purposes of certification and proof of suitability for use in construction according to existing legislation.

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