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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

The development and justification of technical and technological solutions about buildings and construction thermo modernization

    In Ukraine since 2010 it is implemented state target economic program of energy efficiency and the development of energy production from renewable energy sources and alternative fuels (according to CMU 01.03.2010 № 243 from 11.11.2015 and №929) and implemented sector programs energy efficiency and energy saving in housing for 2010 – 2014 (Order of the Ministry of Regional Development Ukraine number 352 of 10.11. 2009).

      As part of these programs our Institute developed in 2013 a national standard GOST-H B V.3.2-3: 2014 “guidance on the implementation thermo residential buildings” that apply to develop documentation and procedure works connected with thermo residential buildings during their reconstruction and / or overhaul and regulates the execution of works on construction insulation of buildings, reconstruction of heating networks, water and electricity supply, implementation mechanisms and devices for recording and regulating energy in buildings and provides recommended measures thermo residential building.

     Since 2012 the specialists of SE “RIBP” worked out more than 20 thermo modernization projects and sanitation of construction facilities during the reconstruction and overhaul, several conservation projects. Until today our experts were acquired unique for Ukraine and Europe thermo experience in designing and sanitation construction projects in the current global economic crisis, the deficit of Ukrainian budget financing in the sphere of housing and communal services and the overall downturn of Ukraine’s economic.

    Drafting of thermo modernization and construction projects sanitation during the reconstruction and overhaul is a part of set measures of implement the comprehensive modernization, including:

  1. Collection of information about representative objects requiring complex thermo modernization, according to the questionnaires.
  2. A detailed examination of the technical state of enclosing buildings structures and utilities using nondestructive testing equipment.
  3. Preliminary analysis of technical and operational characteristics, taking the decision to develop measures to make a thermo modernization of homes.
  4. Inspection of thermal properties of walling constructions and utilities apartment buildings using non-destructive testing equipment, thermal imaging equipment.
  5. The development of complex thermo modernization measures.
  6. Calculation of thermal and energy rates of residential buildings.
  7. Economic evaluation of the proposed measures. Make up completion of measures for the Complex thermo modernization and calculating of projects cost-effectiveness.
  8. Development of design and estimate documentation (single-stage design – RP) with detail elaboration of constructive and technological solutions.
  9. Construction and installation work.
  10. Scientific and technical support at the design stage and the construction and installation works.

    The project documentation for thermo modernization and sanitation of construction projects in the reconstruction and overhaul of making up energy efficiency facilities bigger develop on the basis of job design, approved by the customer and must include (according to SBC A.2.2-3: 2014 “Structure and content of design documentation for construction “):

– Explanatory note with results of calculations of thermal performance of walling constructions according to SBC V.2.6-31 (calculation of heat resistance, heat resistance, breathability, moisture regime of walling constructions);

– Calculation of the losses of heat for heating the building in accordance with SBC V.2.6-31;

– Justification  of required square translucent building structures according to SBC V.2.5-28. If significant excess of the standard value is very huge it is allowed reducing the area of light apertures;

– Indicators of energy efficiency engineering systems and building equipment according to SBC V.2.5-67 and other applicable regulations, etc;

      – Energy building passport after thermo modernization according to SBC V.2.6-31, ISO-H B A.2.2-5;

         – Analysis of energy efficiency using insolation.

     After developing the project, it passes the state inspection and is given and you “turnkey”.

    If necessary, under a separate contract, the experts of our department can carry out supervision and scientific and technical support (according to SBC V.1.2-5: 2007 “System of reliability and safety of construction projects. Scientific and technical support of construction projects”) in the phase of construction on the developed project documentation.

    If you need to develop thermo modernization project and rehabilitation of your building project or series of objects, we professionally, responsibly and in the shortest possible time will do the job for you!

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