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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of technical and technological solutions, as well as projects to strengthen the foundations

SE “RIBP” performs the development of technical and technological solutions, as well as projects to strengthen the foundations.

     Work on the development of technical and technological solutions performed with insufficient bearing capacity of the building foundation. The service is available if needed, based on the results of inspection of technical condition of the building for the purpose of reconstruction, redevelopment or redesign.

     In elaborating technical and technological solutions, as well as projects to strengthen the foundations, various structural and technological schemes are used:

  • The usage of horizontal beams (concrete, metal) and pales (bored)
  • expanding foundation sole by joining them further reinforced areas;
  • gaining ground in the area with cement foundations injection;
  • combined scheme of using boring and injection pales driving while simultaneous soil injection. Strengthening of foundations are regulated by:
  • SCS V.1.2-2: 2006 Loading and force;
  • SCS V.2.1-10 – 2009 Buildings basis and foundations. The main provisions of the design.

 Within this service SE “RIBP”  experts, in particular, performed the following types of work:


  1. Complex reconstruction and restoration of Odessa opera and ballet theater. Amplification of foundation part of the theater building. 1998-2000 p.
  2. Developing of working documentation of reinforcing the structure of the foundation based on hollow basement to reject. -4.000. And expansion of existing and arranging additional grooves in foundation walls of the “Porcelain and faience” store on the Khreshchatyk street, 34, Kiev, 2008.
  3. Researching of technical condition of the building, Shulyavska street., 5, Kiev, developing of recommendations for strengthening of buildings, development of design decisions on strengthening the building, 2011
  4. Strengthening the foundations of an extension building №3 NAUKMA, Skovorody Street, Kiev, 2014.
  5. Preparation of working project of strengthening via soil injection under the existing foundations of the athletic arena of higher sportsmanship school building Tychyna Avenue, 18 in the Dniprovskyi district,Kyiv,2012.
  6. Development of a working project for strengthening existing foundations of extreme section of a residential building, Antonova street 2 \ 32, Kyiv, 2007.
  7. The project of partial reinforcement of internal walls in the reconstruction process of administrative building, Zhylyanska street, 31, Holosiivsky district, Kyiv, 2007.
  8. The project of partial reinforcement of the existing hospital foundation structures 54/54, hospital of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Hospitalna street, Kyiv, 2003.
  9. The project of strengthening existing foundations based on scientific analysis of geotechnical conditions and the technical condition of the main administrative building retaining structures, Kostolna street, 13, Kiev, 2008.
  10. Project of local strengthening existing foundations apartment cottage type building, Roslavychi village, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv,2008r.
  11. Project of strengthening existing foundations according to results of the examination of the technical condition of the existing house, Medvedynska street, 22, Kyiv, 2008.
  12. Development of the project by strengthening existing foundations via injection of (by cementation method) non-residential building to enable adding floors, Peremohy Avenue, 127, Chernihiv, 2008.
  13. Drafting of existing foundations strengthening checkpoint on site «Scania» car center in Kalynivka,nearby Kyiv, Makarov district, 2009
  14. Drafting of project soil foundation strengthening under the soles of existing foundations of residential house right (damaged) section number 41, Bilohorodska street, Boyarka, Kiev, Sviatoshynsky district, 2011r.
  15. Development of the project of strengthen the sports complex foundations, Stetsenka street, 1- A, 2013r.

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