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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of technical and technological solutions to placing fences and retaining walls pits in difficult geological conditions and compacted area

SE “RIBP” develops technological solutions of placement of fences, ditches and retaining walls in complex geological conditions and in the condition of compacted construction.

    In developing of the technology of such facilities building it are performed variant calculations using various constructive schemes of construction and technological solutions of the work. On the base on these calculations it is elected optimal technological scheme of work.

    The work performed in the design of deep pits in difficult geological conditions and the design of retaining walls on the slopes with significant height difference of stacked sliding soil.

    Work is performed for two stages:

– Stage of construction;

– Stage of facilities operation.

     Works are performed using«PLAXIS-2D, 3D» software complex.

    Within this service specialists of SE “RIBP” in particular performed the following work:

Implementation of variant calculations of walling performed via «wall in the ground” in the construction of underground cultural museum and hotel complex of former home of Spendiarov composer, Yekaterynivska street, 3B, Yalta, 2007.

Calculations of retaining wall PS-1 stability considering placing of “cold zone” pit and according to change of project works lining the walls of the trench and installation of bored piles for the apartments construction in the “cold zone” during the reconstruction of “Olympic” NSK in 2009

Variant calculations of slope stability and construction of retaining walls during the redevelopment Cherepanova Hora slope for the installation of functional areas in adjacent areas to the “Olympic” NSC in 2011.

The calculations of slope stability and choice of mounting options pit wall during the construction of a hotel complex with underground parking on the construction site, Lutheran 14 street,  Pechersk district. Kyiv, 2012.

    Works with using «PLAXIS-2D, 3D» software complex allow performing a large number of calculations variant and to choose optimal technological scheme of implementation.

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