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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of strengthening structures recommendations

According to inspection of technical condition, SE “RIBP” can be developed recommendations of strengthen the structures of buildings (foundations, columns, beams, coatings, etc.), as well as strengthen protections pits and retaining walls.

    Work on strengthening individual designs are carried at insufficiency of their carrying capacity. Work on the fortification ditches, fences and retaining walls are carried at their lack of stability.

    Work of providing recommendations for strengthening structures consists of two stages:

– providing general recommendations about measures of strengthening building structures within the work of buildings and structures inspection;

– the development of the project  and technical documentation of strengthening buildings and structures.

These works are regulated by:

  1. SBC V.3.2-2-2009 Homes. Reconstruction and overhaul;
  2. SBC V.1.2-14-2008 General principles of reliability and structural safety of buildings, structures and foundations;
  3. SBC A.2.2-3-94 Composition, development procedure, coordination and approval of project documentation during construction;
  4. SBC V.1.2-2: 2006 Loads and effects;
  5. SBC V.2.1-10-2009 Buildings basis and foundations. The main provisions of the design;
  6. SBC V.2.6-98: 2009 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Fundamental states.

    During the performing operations «PLAXIS-2D, 3D» and «SCAD-OFFICE» software packages are used.

Within this service SE “RIBP” in particular has performed the following works:

  1. Engineering inspections of bearing capacity and technology of the anchoring trench device of «Holosiivska» subway station in. Kiev and submit proposals to eliminate variations in load capacity of anchors “, 2007.
  2. Research technical condition and preparing recommendations to reinforce the structure of the building for overhaul Interior Ministry of Ukraine hospital, Kiev Manuilskoho street. 17, 2008
  3. Inspection of technical state of the building, Shuliavska street., 5, Kiev, in terms of development recommendations for strengthening buildings, development of design decisions ofstrengthening the building, 2011.
  4. Inspection work of technical condition definition of the Institute of food resources roof, M. Raskova 4a, Kyiv and providing recommendations for strengthening the structures of the temporary, 2015
  5. Work on the maintenance facility under separate construction “Complex administrative building of the Supreme Economic and Supreme Administrative Courts of Ukraine at the intersection Druzhby Narodiv and Staronavodnytska avenue Pechersk district. Kyiv (recommendations on reinforcing retaining walls in the construction zone), 2014-2015.

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