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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of engineering documentation for repairs of (renovation, completion, dismantle) facility and architectural supervision

SE “RIBP” develops project documentation for the construction of buildings and structures; repair (reconstruction, reinforcement) of foundations, columns, beams, installation of openings in the walls of existing buildings.

    Work is performed with insufficient bearing capacity of structures or the occurrence of damage and defects (cracks, delaminating of concrete or insufficiency of concrete cover and so on.).

This service includes the following steps:

    Project engineering:

 – Arrangement of permit documentation;

– Positive conclusion of state building investment expertise;

– Certificate of economic activities related to the creation of architecture objects;

 Receiving and processing output data for the design process:

  – Terms of reference for the design;

– Architectural and planning task for the design;

– Information about the allotment at the site of construction;

Topographical plans of the construction site;

– Technical conditions for engineering facility;

– Data about types of applied structures and products;

– Information about underground structures, underground and ground communications.

  Technical support of the project:

– Development and approval of customer production schedules;

– Technical control and monitoring during performance of production schedules.

– Architectural supervision during works (if necessary).

    The elaboration of engineering and design documentation is regulated by:

  1.  SBC V.3.2-2-2009 Dwellings. Reconstruction and overhaul;
  2. SBC V.1.2-14-2008 General principles of reliability and structural safety of buildings, structures and foundations;
  3. SBC A.2.2-3-94 Composition, procedure of development, coordination and approval of project documentation during construction;
  4. SBC V.1.2-2: 2006 Loads and effects;
  5. SBCV.2.1-10-2009 Basics and foundations of buildings. The main provisions of the design;
  6. SBCV.2.6-98: 2009 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Fundamental provisions.

    Work is performed with the use of «PLAXIS-2D, 3D»software complex.

    Within this service SE “RIBP” in particular performs the following work:

  1. Development of working document to reinforce the structure of the foundation taking into account hollow basement to -4.000 and expansion of existing and arranging additional openings in foundation walls of the «Porcelain and faience» store “on the Khreshchatyk 34street., Kiev, 2008.
  2. Strengthening the foundations of an extension building №3 Kyiv – Mohyla National Academy Skovoroda Street,  Kiev, 2014.
  3. The supervision implementation on execution overhauls foundations extension of housing №3, Kyiv – Mohyla National Academy, Kyiv, Skovoroda street, 2014

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