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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Evaluation of immovable property and property rights

The necessarily of the implementation of services in property valuation and property rights in Ukraine arises at the conclusion of civil transactions between participants of civil relations – individuals and legal entities, in particular, at the conclusion of the contract – the sale, lease, mortgage, joint ventures, in case a joint ventures, in the case of revaluation of companies’ assets for accounting purposes or if the need for determining the amount of a possible insurance claim, and in other cases stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Appraisers of construction economics, property valuation and property rights of the State Enterprise “Scientific – Research Institute of construction production” sector of rights (hereinafter – the sector) since 1995, carrying out work to assess the property and property rights in almost all regions of Ukraine, as well as carry out researchers connected with that assessment.

SE “RIBP” sector appraiser right to conduct assessment activities provided by the presence of “evaluation activity certificate”, issued by State Property Fund of Ukraine and is updated every three years.

Sector Skill Level confirmed by relevant certificates of staff appraisers who are registered in the State Register of appraisers and members of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers (UTO).

Assessment services are performed in accordance with the requirements of operating in Ukraine laws and regulations that govern the assessment of property and property rights in Ukraine. Services of assessment and property rights appraisers of SE “RIBP” sector can be provided in two directions.

Services in the first area of property assessment “Valuation of objects in material form” are possible following specializations:

1.1. Valuation of fixed assets (real estate, real estate), including land and property rights on them.

1.2. Evaluation of machinery and equipment.

  1. Evaluation of road vehicles.

1.4. Evaluation of aircraft.

1.5. Evaluation shipping means.

1.7. Evaluation of movable objects, except for those which classified as machinery equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, shipping means, and objects of cultural value).

Services in the field of property valuation “Evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including rights to intellectual property” following specializations:

2.1. Assessment of integral property complexes shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets (except evaluation of intellectual property);

2.2. Assessment of intellectual property rights.

The peculiarity of our company is in the provision of services in property valuation and property rights compared with other subjects assessment activities, as they say “highlight” is in the broad spectrum of its research activities, which allow evaluators of SE “RIBP”, except their experience evaluation (over 20 years), to use scientific and technical potential of the institute. In particular, while the assessment of fixed assets as functioning objects and those that are not completed (assets under construction) or decommissioned, to evaluate the technical condition of the objects and determine the volume of necessary work (physical object ‘ volumes and estimated value) on completion of unfinished construction projects or renovations to facilities that require restoration of their operational life.

Furthermore, taking into consideration that the state enterprise “RIBP” has extend experience in research, scientific, technical and project work, as well as experience in implementation of their projects in construction, industry and other organizations in Ukraine and abroad, appraisers of the SE “RIBP” as researchers, the provision of assessment services of intellectual property can be better taken into account in the process of evaluation of the features of this property.

Ordering services in property valuation and property rights in our institute, you will get not only quality result from evaluation of that interest you, but also get expert assistance in solving complex issues related to the subject of evaluation.

CUSTOMERS of assessment and property rights services:

National joint stock insurance “Oranta” company UDPEZ “Ukrtelecom”, National Bank of Ukraine (Banknote-mint), “National Center Oleksandr Dovzhenko,” State Enterprise maintenance and operation of housing special-purpose “Spetszhytlofond PJSC” “Energoprojekt” Kyiv Scientific Research and design Institute State enterprise “Ukrenergougol”, “Ukrtelecom”, “Ukrprofozdorovnytsia”medical and health institutions of trade unions of Ukraine, LLC (company) “Alpha proektholdinh Hez.m.b.H.” (Republic Austria), State enterprise “Management operating administrative buildings tax authorities of Ukraine in. Kiev”, OJSC Bank “RETAIL UNLIMITED SERVICE” (Kharkiv), “Biocon limited Liability company “HFK” “, “Slavutich” Ukrainian industrial and financial group All-Ukrainian sports Society “Kolos” AIC Ukraine, State enterprise “Combining sports and commercial buildings”, Ltd “European consulting and appraisal center” liquidator JSC Bank “BIG Energy” limited Liability company “FC” Dynamo ” Kyiv “, JSC” IPP “VNIPITRANSGAZ”, “Ukrainian Institute for design of gas industry” UKRGAZPROEKT “, Joint-Stock company”, “EKKO” Insurance company “and others.

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