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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Control of pales arrangement capacity via acoustic method

The purpose of service is to determine the actual length of the pale, the presence of abnormalities from diameter (narrowing and extensions and their marks in depth) and to reveal defects (violations of integrity) in the trunk of arranged pales.

    Pales arrangement quality control via acoustic method is performed by “PET” instrument (an acoustic instrument for studying the parameters of pales, state certification certificate number 22-0463 dated 14 June 2011). The operating principle of this device is based on the principle of excitation of acoustic wave and lifting vertically mounted on piles headroom accelerometer sensor, acoustic performance review with subsequent fixation on computer. In a result of the processing and analysis of the data, size and depth of the pile of possible deviations from its cross-sectional design of indication mark diameter deviation in depth of the pile is established.

Service is necessary when zero cycle works are performed. Service recipient can be both contracting organization and the building requestor directly. According to acting normative documents, at least 10% of arranged pales should be subjected to research. However, in difficult geological conditions and / or in high-rise building construction it is recommended to control all of pales. Service ordering allows detecting piles that do not meet design requirements in time, and on the basis of the data to make changes to the design of the foundations of a building or update the performance works technology.

The work consists of three stages:

  1. Preparatory work. It performed by the customer and is to prepare the surface for the pale headroom control, namely disinterment (if necessary) cleaning headroom pales and pale of headroom residual soil leveling concrete headroom.
  2. Field research. Its purpose is to collect data on the «PET» instrument.
  3. Processing of the collected data due to specialized software, making a report on the basis of the work results.

Within this service SE “RIBP” there were performed the following works:

  1. ” Pales arrangement quality control of the foundation at the construction site of the Cathedral in Kyiv on the Railway road, 3″.
  2. ” Pales arrangement quality control via acoustic method for the Construction of the « RADISSON BLU »hotel complex in Kyiv, Braterska street, 17-19. “
  3. “Scientific and technical support for arranging piles technology of retaining walls SS 5, SS-7 League hospitality area: Selective Tool control continuity piles.”
  4. ” Pales arrangement quality control via acoustic method to the construction site of a residential complexin the following address: Kyiv, Solomyanska street, 20-A. “
  5. ” Pales arrangement quality control via acoustic method at the construction site at the following address: Kyiv, Zakrevskogo street 42″.

                            Our competitive advantages:

– Modern equipment of «Piletest» company (United Kingdom), pale monitoring systems world market leader.

– Qualified staff underwent domestic and foreign experts special training connected with work of this pale system control.

  – The Institute is a member of the international community of users PET pale system control, which makes it possible to receive advice and

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