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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Control of the filling consistency and soil compaction quality

During the research it is performed method of layered soil backfill density control with the possibility of transmission during the next process (the next layer of backfill or arrangement under preparation covering the floor or roadway area).

      Research conducted mainly by using rapid methods of field and laboratory processing based on selected samples. In case of confirmation of the intended project and the relevant requirements of GOST density of soil base under signed tripartite acts, which in turn make it possible for the next backfill soil with the same seal technology.

 If proof upper layer filling density required of the and assembly with the required act of acceptance opens the front for another process, such arrangement or concrete of crushed stone backfill layer preparation.

The work of the monitoring soil backfill density is regulated by the following documents, building design rules, standards and guidelines:

– “Regulations on surveys, certification and reliable operation of industrial buildings and structures” the set of regulations worked out by SE «RIBP» K.2009.

– SBC V.2.1-10-2009″ Bases and foundations of buildings and structures. Bases and foundations of constructions. Main position of design. “

SBC A.2-1-1-2008 DBN “Engineering surveying for construction.”

B.V.2.1-12 ISO: 2009 “Soils. Methods of laboratory maximum density determination. “

Works of the monitoring of soil backfill density which were performed by SE «RIBP» :

  1. Implementation of field and survey works to control cushion of soil compaction in the construction of exhibition and shopping and entertainment center, Zhylyanska street., 107-Comintern, 32, Kiev. 2011.
  2. Implementation of soil foundations density controls by dynamic probing in existing basic plates of 8,7,6,5 blocks of exhibition and shopping and entertainment center on the Zhylianska 107 street., Kiev. Issuing of project decisions about soil basis for strengthening it under the block. 2011.
  3. Control over sand backfill density at building housing and office complex, A.Barbyusa street, 37/1, Pechersk district, Kyiv.2011
  4. Controls the density of backfill soil resistance under tower crane on site construction office and residential complex with underground and elevated parking on vul.Strutynskoho, 2 in the Pechersk district m.Kyyeva.2011
  5. Control of soil compaction in the construction of road paintings in the village. N. Vyshgorod district of Kiev Petrovka oblasti.2011
  6. Controls reverse of soil filling density cavities retaining wall along the axis of “8” on the subject of reconstruction and superstructure extension of non-residential building Office for Borychiv Tick street 9, ( “A”), Podolsky district, m.Kyiv.2012
  7. Implementation of layered soil backfill density control in the dispensation of collector roads and porch roads to the shopping center, Brovary Prospect, Kiev. 2013

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