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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Balytskyi Victor Serhiyovych

   Balytskyi Victor Serhiyovych (1937 – 2014) is a doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, laureate of the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology, member of Academy of construction of Ukraine and Academy of technological Sciences of Ukraine.

  Victor Serhiyovych was born on 16 of April 1937 in Kyslytsia village Odessa region in the family of servants (his father was a headmaster and her mother was a teacher).

  In 1959, Victor Serhiyovych graduated from Kyiv Institute of water management engineers, and then in 1959 – 1963 he worked in the “Donbasenerhobud” trust USSR Ministry of energy on the positions of foreman, senior foreman and section chief of construction management.

  From 1963 to 1978 – worked in the Ministry of industrial construction of the USSR, where for 15 years having started his career as a senior engineer, he achieved the post of head of the Department, as head of the Main Department for construction engineering enterprises.

  In 1978 Victor Serhiyovych moved to the research Institute of building production (RIBP) to the position of first Deputy Director, and from April 1991 to April 2007 he worked as a Director of the Institute. From April 2007 on his desire he worked as the chief researcher-consultant at the same Institute, to which gave 34 years of his life. Due to the efforts of Balytskyi Victor Serhiyovych as the Director, the staff of  RIBP completely preserved in the difficult for science  nineties of the last century.

  In 1975 Victor Serhiyovych defended his thesis, in 1988 – a doctoral dissertation on theme “Scientific bases of design and construction organizations,” in 1990 he received an academic title of Professor.

 During his scientific activities Professor Balytskyi Victor Serhiyovych supervised the training of scientific personnel of higher qualification. His five students successfully defended doctoral theses and six PhD thesises.

  Victor Serhiyovych was the head of scientific school in the field of organization and technology of construction production, the development and improvement of modern methods of research of technological processes, including in terms of reconstruction of buildings and structures. Under his leadership it was developed scientific bases of technology of underground and special buildings construction, the technology of strengthening reinforced concrete, steel and masonry structures, strengthening of foundations of buildings and structures, piles. Also it was improved methods for performing roofing, waterproofing and sealing works.

  Victor Serhiyovych is an author of 170 scientific works, including six monographs. Under his leadership and with direct participation it was developed 10 State building codes.

  On the initiative and direct participation of Victor Serhiyovych Balytskyi, RIBP became one of the founders of the Academy of construction of Ukraine, where Victor Serhiyovych was a member and head of the “Technology and organization of construction production” Department.

  In 1978 on the initiative and under the scientific direction of  Balytskyi V.S. on a mainframe computer it was developed a software package for determining resource requirements for execution of construction works via enlarged integrated teams. This system was firstly implemented in the “Vinnytskprombud” plant of the Ministry of industrial construction of Ukraine and distributed to other construction installation companies in the construction industry. The application of this complex lasted until the end of 80-ies.

  In 1991, the specialists of the Institute together with Research Institute of building constructions on the orders of the Ministry of energy of Ukraine has developed a departmental construction norms “Normative-technical support of works on “Ukryttia” object and in 1993 scientists of the Institute under the guidance of Balytskyi V.S. proposed method of stabilization and encapsulation of “Ukryttia”object CNPS  before deep burial. This development took the prize in the international competition for the transformation of “Ukryttia” object of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power station into ecologically safe system.

  In 1996, under the scientific direction of Balytskyi V.S. RIBP carried out scientific and technical support of the organizational technological works of the “Ukraine” palace reconstruction in Kiev.

  In 1997, pursuant to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers dated 05.05.97 № 409 “About ensuring of reliability and safe operation of buildings, constructions and engineering networks” Balytskyi V.S.  was the scientific supervisor of the Institute’s experts and leading organizations in the construction industry after which it was firstly established a set of regulatory documents on the issues of examinations, assessment of technical state and passportization of buildings and structures, which were used for 18 years by building organizations of Ukraine.

  The same year RIBP became the lead organization for coordination of actions, preparation of regulatory documents and the survey and certification of buildings and structures to ensure their reliability and safe operation, which contributed to the increase in the volume of scientific-technical works of the Institute.

  In 2001, under the scientific and technical guidelines of Balytskyi V.S. it was carried out scientific and technical support for project, construction and erection works during construction of the South raiway-station in Kiev, and in 2000 to 2004 – during the capital repair and reconstruction of the Odessa national academic theatre of Opera and ballet.

  Since the election his as a Director and to dismissal from the Institute Balytskyi V.S. was the chief editor of two editions of RIBP: since 1991 “Building production” the interdepartmental scientific and technical collection, and since 2001 scientific-technical journal “New technology in construction”, which on his initiative, in 2000 was founded in RIBP together with the Academy of construction of Ukraine. Both collection and magazine are published till today and included in the list of specialized scientific publications of the Department certification of personnel of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in which it can be published the main results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of Sciences.

  For many years (work experience – 58 years) fruitful labor of Balytskyi V. S.was awarded with the following orders:  “Drujby Narodiv” (1986) and “For merits” III degree (1998), medal “For labor valor” (1976), “In memory of 1500 anniversary of Kiev” (1982) and “Veteran of labor” (1985) and Honorary diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2008).

  In 1998, Victor Serhiyovych was awarded the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology for development, organization of production in the construction of Ukraine’s domestic polymer sealing and waterproofing materials.

his high scientific and administrative professionalism have always been treated with respect and recognition among professionals, and the humanity and kindness – the love of relatives, respect of friends and colleagues.

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