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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Development of geodetic works management projects

The project of geodetic works management (PGWM) is developed for large and complex objects IV and V categories of complexity (liability), as well as the altitude and the pilot houses.

The project of geodetic works management (PGWM) establishes the composition, accuracy, methods, means and sequence of marker engineering and surveying, and also provides for precision control of work at all stages of construction and work organization of the employees of the geodetic support of construction.

 The development of the Project of geodetic works management (PGWM) is performed in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications developed by the Contractor and approved by the Client or the General Contractor of the construction.

The development of the project of geodetic works management (PGWM) is regulated by the following documents:

  1. SBC.1.3-2:2010 Geodetic works in construction
  2. SBC A. 2.1-1:2014 ” Engineering surveys for construction
  3. pnSBC A. 3.1-5-201Х Organization of construction industry
  4. SBC A. 3.2-2-2009 ” Labour protection and industrial safety in construction.
  5. SBC.2.1-10-2009 Bases and foundations of buildings. The basic provisions of designing;
  6. SBC.2.6-98:2009 Concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Basic provisions;
  7. SBC.1.2-5:2007, System of the reliability and safety of construction projects. Scientific-technical support of construction objects;
  8. SBC.1.2-12-2008 Construction in the compact construction condition. Safety requirements;
  9. DBC.2.2-24:2009 Design of high-rise residential and public buildings;
  10. SSU-N B V. 1.3-1:2009, Performanceof  measurement, calculation and control of accuracy of geometrical parameters. The installation”

The indicative scope of works for the development The project of geodetic works management (PGWM):

1)    collection of baseline data about the construction site;

2) Study and analysis of existing documentation and materials to the construction site;

3) Development of PGWM of the sections:

1 General provisions

2 Geodetic network of construction site

3 Technology of geodetic works management

4 Geodetic works during construction of the underground part of the construction

5 Geodetic works during construction of the aerial parts of the construction

6. Normaconnect of surveying instruments and equipment.

7. Geodetic control during construction works

8. Geodesic support of engineering networks arrangement  and improvement works

9. Geodetic monitoring of deformations

10. The organization of geodetic works on the construction site

11 Safety engineering and occupational surveying of geodetic works

Work on the development of the project of the geodetic work management is performed by certified specialists in the field of design in terms of construction technology, design of engineering surveys and engineering surveying.

A preliminary assessment of the accuracy of the geodetic network projects the construction site is performed using license program complex CREDO DAT.

Wihin this service specialists of SE “RIBP” particular carried out the following works:

  1. The development of the project of performance of geodetic works on the construction site: “Construction of multifunctional residential district on Marshala Hrechka street and Pravdy Avenue (Pravdy Avenue is opposite intersection with Vasyl Poryk Avenue) in Podil district of Kiev (1st district)”.
  2. The development of the project of performance of geodetic works on the construction site: “Construction of a shopping and office complex with integrated premises and underground Parking with demolition of existing buildings at the intersection of Naberezhno-Khreschatytska street Nyzhniy Val in Podol district, Kyiv (vul. Yaroslavska, 58)”

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