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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

Wholeness and strength of concrete control

In the State Enterprise “RIBP” test of concrete strength in compression is performed by non-destructive methods – ultrasound method and the method of separation and cleavage.

    In the case of using ultrasonic method time of the ultrasonic wave through the concrete is fixed. It is an indirect measure of the strength of concrete. The actual concrete strength and class is determined on the basis of calibration scale.

    When using the method of separation and cleavage it is fixed shearing force separation sample from the surface of the concrete construction. The actual concrete strength and class is based on a calibration scale.

    According to the performed tests it is made up protocols.

    To determine the strength and determination of the concrete class structures assessment is carried out when examining buildings to determine their technical condition; within the scientific and technical support to match the actual concrete class adopted in the draft after the reconstruction and overhaul etc.

    Performance of testing concrete strength is regulated by:

  • NSU B V.2.7-226: 2009 Building materials. Concrete. The ultrasonic method for determining the strength;
  • NSU B V.2.7-224: 2009 Building materials. Concrete. Strength control regulations.

    When works are performed it is used such equipment:

  • UK-14P (ultrasonic method);
  • HPNV 5 (method of separation with shearing).

    In particular using this service SE «RIBP» performs the following works:

  1. Preliminary inspection of facing conduit pressure concrete area of Dniester HAES by non-destructive methods and preparation of conclusion, 2008.;
  2. Scientific and technical support for major processes of supervision and monitoring of the BIS in the construction and reconstruction of buildings NSK “Olympic” (construction overpass, beams, construction of cold zone, fan zone, metal grills retaining walls functional areas, construction parking, etc.) 2008-2011;
  3. Inspection of technical condition of 13 concrete columns to determine the strength characteristics by non-destructive method on the “Construction of a warehouse complex in the Martusivka village. district Boryspil “object, 2008 .;
  4. Determination of strength by ultrasonic concrete slabs covering “D” apron, “Boryspil” airport in. Boryspil, 2013 .;
  5. Technical inspection of concrete structures in terms of determining the actual concrete class of unfinished building on the corner of Ernst and Puljuy street. Kiev, 2015

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