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State "Research institute of building production named of V.S. Balitsky" (Кyiv)

“New technologies in construction.” – № 19, 2010

Halinsky  O. M., Features of construction of underground excavations and deep foundations in dense areas 3

Hryhorivskyi P. Y., Deineka Y. V., Kosolap L. O., Some peculiarities of the choice of methods of geodetic support for the construction of the NSC “Olympic” 9

Hryhorivskyi P. Y., Deineka Y.  V. Experience of carrying out of geodetic monitoring during reconstruction of NSK “Olympic” 15

Halinsky O. M., Hrabska L. M., Basanskyi V. O., Kozyavkin I. D. Features of the stability analysis of retaining walls along the slopes of the Cherepanova hill on the territory of NSK “Olympiyskiy” in Kiev 22

Halinsky O. M., Chernukhin A. M., Marchuk S. A., KhomenkoV. M. Influence of vibration on the design of stadium and surrounding buildings while performing work in piling and dismantling of building structures during reconstruction of NSK “Olympic” in Kyiv 28

Chernukhin A. M. Selection of plastic concrete for grout curtain constructed by “Wall in soil” method 34

Halinsky O. M., Khokhlin D. A., Basanski V. A., Orlov I. K. Measurement of tensile strength of concrete in compression with an ultrasound device UK-14P taking into account the concrete age 40

Samedov A. M., Mihal I.V. Savchenko S. V. About calculation of the rigid vaulted (or arched) of structural elements of underground structures 44

Fedosova O. V., Shpakova G. V. Problem of the transfer of modern systems construction technologits 53

Prokopov, V. G., Fialko N. M. Chernykh L. F., Sukhorosov S.M. Klyus L. G., Savenko V. S. Energy saving in construction — from research and development to energy saving designs and technologies 59

  1. I. Borovik, I. M. Suhonosov, Klyus L. G., Savenko V. I., Black L. p., Kislyuk, D. J. Affordable housing and energy-saving technologies 66

Kolesnik D. Y., Koval, P. M. Development and research of a migrating corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete metalarte 68

Matchenko T. I., B. L. Shamis, Matchenko P. T., Pervushov L. F. Method of assessing corrosion of a resource of welded joints of structural steel 72

Kyslyuk Y. D., Schmihel R. V., Savenko V. I., Sukhorukov G. M. Efficacy of klementievich compounds elemnts wooden structures 76

Izmailova K. V. Influence of the current economic conditions rationale new construction technologies 80

Hryhorovskyi P. Y., Nadtochiy M. I. Influence of dense development on the cost and complexity of the construction of residential buildings 82

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